A/N: Warnings

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I've tried several times to write a superhero story and although I'm a Batman fan and love all the Robins, I had to do a story about Superman. In this case, Superboy. Because there are many fanfiction out there of Young Justice I just have to let you all know that this does not take place in that universe. Does not take place in the New 52 universe either or in any other DCU known to, should I say, real fans? I don't even know, I just know that the whole multiverse confused me to no end and my younger brother, who is a comic fan, told me just to make my own universe as that is how the whole comic book story works.

An so this is the Koori DC universe, which is still a work in process. I love my heroes and we do have the Batman trilogy in the house as well as sevel other DC and Marvel movies. As of know, cartoon wise, I like Under the Redhood and Son of Batman. I love Damian Wayne, and I think that totally makes me a criminal for loving a ten-year-old so much. But, heck, the little guy is a skilled assassin, and he is literally killer. Watch the movie, It's amazing.




-Vulgar Language

-Sexual Themed



The warnings are also a way to not forget what I am writting or to find a way to cheat myself out of writting what I first had in mind. Honestly, I say I'm going to write one thing and then get too shy about what I'm writing and quit, but I'm trying my hardest to keep in track of original ideas.

I hope you enjoy this story, and I am still a Batman fan no matter who I write about. Love him and his son and the other Robins.

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