chapter 14

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Zay are u hiding something from us no riles are u and farkle a thing what us no im done with him really yea i know when ur done with someone i know ur not done with him look i may have feelings for him but u like lucas and josh and zay wait what um nothing riley is playing around right um no u have to choose between them who is it going to be i dont know look im not ready to date ok im not ready and i hope u know that i know riles u need to talk to farkle fine but how am im going to talk to him i dont know u need to tell smackle that u and farkle were a thing no it will mess up everything sure it will i have to go (next day) riley can we talk farkle what do you want i want to talk to you can we please date again why because i like u are u still dating smackle yes ugh then im not going to date u please riley fine but if i get treated like shit im going to break up with u again ok thanks for giving me another change no problem guess what smackle is coming back to this school next week. Really i cant believe this. I know right. Ugh i hate her. Babe calm done. (later on) hey zay zay. hey izzy look here we cant do this no more im tried and to be honest i dont like you know more im sorry dont text me dont call me im done. But. But what im done please just do what i told u to do. Ugh fine ur a dick face. (later on) riles hurry up u dont have to look so pretty. How do i look. Umm u look sexy thats what i thought thanks boo. No problem. (with farkle and riley) so what do we do next. I dont know babe what do we do next. Um watch a scary movie. Um are u sure about that. Yea why. Because u cry and u scream plus u be cancelling the whole movie. U do have a point what about a funny movie. I dont do clowns. U big baby there funny. What about we do some unknown business that sounds like fun but i dont think im ready really riles we fuck before. i know but we haven't took it this far when were alone. Come on are u scared. Umm no im just a little worried im a virgine. Ur a what? A virgine. Omg why didn't u tell me that. Im sorry fine we can do it. Yess u won't regret this at all. Sure i wont but ok. Follow me ti the bed room.(to the bedroom) ok were here. about time what do we do. Ok. Farkle kisses Riley then riley touches farkle hair farkle touches her ass then he takes off her jaket then she takes off his shirt and starts to blush but he didnt see it because it was dark then they keep kissing he takes off her dress bit his lips and licks his lips then she takes off his panes then he takes off her bruh and uderware she takes off his boxers then he puts himself into her its starts to hurt at first then it felt good they forgot to use the condom (next day)

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