I'm pregnant

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Chapter 5

"Ugh I feel so sick," I groaned with my head in the toilet.

"It's the 5th morning this week, your going to the doctor's," Sam answered behind me holding my hair back from my face.

"Yeah okay," I muttered getting up so I could brush my teeth. "Just give me a few."

~Doctor's office~

"Clover Johnson?" She asked looking up from her clipboard.

I rolled my eyes and nodded.

"Well I'd like to run a few tests and see what's wrong before we go any further."

I nodded and looked at Sam who was also nodding.

"So if you could pee in this cup, we'll check if your pregnant, have an infection or just the stomach virus," she put on gloves and took out this cup.

"You can check, but I'm not pregnant," I took the cup and left to pee.

"Well I found out what's wrong, or better yet why you are vomiting," she said as soon as she entered the room. She had a paper in her hand and was constantly looking at it.

"What?" Sam asked curious.

"Congratulations Clover, your pregnant."

"No," I yelled jumping up. "It can't be I just took a test and it was negative."

Sam looked at me shocked and the doctor smiled nodding, "The pregnancy tests at the store are not always 100% accurate, so we advise you to come to the doctor's if you've had sex and missed your period."

I stared at her shocked and she continued. "The morning sickness your experiencing is the baby. I see you have a baby bump... how many months are you?"

I didn't answer

"Right. Uh let's get you tested then." The doctor took out some instruments and instructed me to lay down. I did as I was told and I felt the coldness of my stomach.

"Okay your baby seems fine, although you have a big belly bump for only being two months," she turned off everything and wiped my stomach off. "Although every lady's pregnancy is different." She continued writing something down.

She handed the paper to me. "Go to the pharmacy and get these, they are your prenatal vitamins. Come back to me in four weeks you'll be three months then; and I can explain and tell you all about the baby." She scribbled something and also handed it to me. "These are the symptoms you'll be experiencing," she walked us out her office and waved goodbye.

"Clover-" Sam only called me that when she was serious.

"Just stop. Don't speak," I handed her my prescription paper. "Go to the pharmacy and pick this up."

"And where will you be?" She asked sternly eyeing me as I texted.

"I'm going to tell the baby's father I'm pregnant." I answered and she nodded approvingly walking to the car.

'Okay? I'll be there soon.' The text read and I shut my phone off and looked at the symptoms paper.

•Symptoms During Month Two

~Frequent urination

~Tender, larger breasts

~Increased vaginal discharge

~Occasional dizziness or faintness

~Indigestion or gas


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