Natalia and I Are Acting Slightly Johnlock-ish

Alright, so I love Star Trek (both TOS and the reboot) and I love Spock. Probably too much. Anyways, this is just my own fantasy of me and the aforementioned half-Vulcan. However, I do not own Star Trek, Spock, or the Enterprise and I am not good with terms used on ships, etc. Therefore, I am going to ask you be nice to me if- no, when I give something the wrong name. We all good? Good.

Also, I don't know everything there is to actually know about the different races in ST. This means that I might use some creativity and make one race or another do something they might normally do... Such as mind reading/telepathy and premontions.

"What can you see?"

"A girl, a young girl. Human."


Confusion and fear was obvious in the voice of every being present. How could this happen? A human with one of their own kind? They would not allow this to happen again.

"Does she love him?"

"Yes. More than anything else, it would seem."

"And... Does he love her?"

"That remains to be seen."


"Artemis Lisbeth Sherwood, you come here this instant!"

I sighed, rolling out of bed and wrapping my blanket around my shoulders. A blast of practically ice cold air hit my barely clad body and I let out a yelp of frustration. "Why is it so cold?" I asked loudly, walking slowly from the confines of my bedroom.

"Because the heater isn't working properly. Go look at it for me."

I grumbled some choice phrases under my breath, but did as my roomate requested anyways. I pulled the blanket tighter around my shivering body and stumbled into the main room. "Natalia Thompson, what the hell are you doing?"

"I'm trying to perfect my theory on time travel."

I rolled my eyes. "As much as I would love to travel back in time and meet Sherlock Holmes, that's not going to happen. Alright?"

"Oh shut up, Artemis. I need you to get my cell phone for me."

"Fine. Where is it?"

"My pocket."

I groaned. "Seriously? You have hands."

"And they're busy at the moment. Get my phone."

Knowing better than to start an arguement that I wouldn't be able to win, I stepped forward, reached in Natalia's pocket, took out her phone, and shoved it in her face. "Here, lazy ass."

She smacked my arm and took the phone. "Thank you," she replied absently, fiddling with the tiny machine in front of her. She grabbed a pair of pliers and practically attacked the metalwork.

Hundreds of sparks flashed out across her face, making her scream. I grabbed her and dragged her away. "Natalia, are you-"

The room went black and I fell onto my back. A crash resounded in my ears. I knew no more.