Chapter 7

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"This is taking forever," Ji-Hun complained as Aiyana passed him back his handwritten personal statement with her corrections now highlighted in the deep red ink of her pen.

"Take heart. This is the last draft, I promise," Aiyana said as she put a hand to her chest in mock pledge, making Ji-Hun chuckle a little. Wyatt groaned from his seat beside Ji-Hun, making Aiyana turn to him.

"At this rate, we'll never finish writing it," Wyatt sighed as he made to write his essay all over again with Aiyana's corrections.

"How did it seem like I was bragging?" Wyatt suddenly asked, frowning as he pointed down at a small note Aiyana had scribbled at the side of his sheet.

"It does," she said, folding her hands over her small chest. Wyatt raised a brow in disbelief and the two went on to bicker for a few minutes. Wyatt eventually took her word for it, returning his attention to his work.

"Ben, do you want me to take a look at yours?" she asked, making me blink in surprise at her offer. I'd just been sitting silently as I observed the three of them from my seat across theirs on the wooden rectangular table.

"No, it's fine," I mumbled, looking at my computer screen. "You took a look at it in our last critical thinking class.

The truth was that I wasn't working on my personal statement at all. I was busy watching a muted YouTube video with subtitles as the others worked on theirs. We were in the study hall, and the coordinator never got up from her seat to look around, I doubt she knew what the far end of the hall looked like at all. Heck, she was probably on her phone watching YouTube videos as well.

"Okay." She shrugged before turning her attention to her own computer. It was a pink palmtop that she treated like her child. The table was soon silent as everyone worked on what they were supposed to. Aiyana eventually plugged her earpiece into her palmtop, meaning that she was probably on YouTube at the moment.

When I eventually got bored of clicking video to video, I closed the YouTube tab before looking up from my laptop to find Ji-Hun resting his head on the table, and Wyatt showing his work to Aiyana - he'd just finished rewriting the whole thing.

"Ben, how's the website going? Has Felix talked to you about it yet even?" I heard Ji-Hun ask, making me turn towards him. His head was still rested on the table, but he was now playing with a stray ballpoint pen that has been on the table before we got here.

I opened my mouth, then closed it sharply when I realized I was going to tell him about what Felix had sent me. Ji-Hun was most likely asking about the school site, not Felix's personal project.

"No, he hasn't told me anything about the school site yet. He said he'll tell me during the next meeting so that I can meet the rest of the people working on it."

Ji-Hun nodded at my answer, sitting up in his chair before stretching out his arms as he yawned. I let my gaze wander to the wall clock above the hall's entrance. I frowned slightly, realizing that we still had thirty minutes until the double study period ended.

"Can this period be over soon?" Ji-Hun asked no one in particular, airing his thoughts. Wyatt looked up from his work to look at Ji-Hun with an amused smile.

"Play a game or something then. I doubt that Ben has been doing any actual school work," Wyatt said as he ran a hand through his boyfriend's dark hair.

"Don't throw me under the bus," I said, turning to Aiyana who was now typing up something on her computer as she hummed to the music that was probably being played before her brows suddenly bent into a small frown as she bit her bottom lip.

"Damn. I hate Amanda so much sometimes!" she suddenly groaned, taking out her earpiece before pushing her palmtop to the center of the table and resting her head on the cool surface of the table. "Why can't she be lazy like last year's student council vice president?"

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