leo gets jealous

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You and leondre have been going out for a year and you never been happy as you are now with him. Charlie was your best friend you wanted to do something fun today, but Leo was sick and was staying home so you asked Charlie and he said yes. Charlie was coming in 5 minutes, so you decide to watch TV until he comes, after what seems to be a lifetime you heard a knock at your door. You knew it was Charlie so you turned the TV off and headed to the door, you opened the door to reveal Charlie with a smile.

"Hey best friend you ready" Charlie say with a big smile on his face. You look at him and smile.

" yeah am ready" you say back closing the door. You and Charlie got in his car and drove to the park,luckily nobody was there so you had the park to yourselves. You both got out the car and headed to the swings, Charlie stared to push you on the swings.

"Charlie stop not o high" you say as you and Charlie was having fun.
It started to get dark so you and Charlie headed back home. Charlie give you a lift home.

When you got home you uploaded the pictures from that day. After 10 minutes you received a text from Leo.

"I looks like you had so much fun today"

"Yeah I did Leo it would have been better if you came" you replied. It took him a little time to reply.

"do you like Charlie not a friend way in more than a friend way" Leo replied. You were shocked that Leo had just asked you that.

"Leo are you jealous" you replied.

"Yes I am ok you both look happy🙁" he replied with a sad emoji.

"Leo me and Charlie are friends ok I love you ok just you don't be jealous" you replied.

"Am sorry y/n I love you ❤❤y/n"

"I love you to leo😚"

Sorry if this is short

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