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The next day you were trying the ODM gear and to you it was fun you were even jumping around, keeping your balance like it was nothing

Guy: look at her she's like sitting on air

Guy2: she's just showing off like yesterday when she was running with potato girl

You giggle and hold your feet

Keith: L/n, switch with Arlet

You: yessir

As your feet touch the ground you take off the belt and move away from it, finger brushing your hair

You: good luck Armin

Armin: oh....uh...yea

You looked at his face seeing it red

You: hey, you okay?

Armin: fine-

Keith: Arlet enough talking to your girlfriend, your wasting time!

You both blushed and looked away from each other

Time skip after watching Eren crash his head on the ground

You were staring out your cabin window when you noticed four figures heading away from camp, you being curious, you slipped out and followed them and hearing their voices you knew exactly who they were

You: caught you!

All four of them nearly had a panic attack before they calmed down and turned to you

Eren: Y/n!?

You: *giggles*

Armin: how did you know we were out here?

You: you kinda give yourself away with the torches

Reiner: oh, makes sense

You: so are you guys heading for a walk? If you are mind if I tag along?

Reiner: sure but don't tell anybody

You: okay, let's go

You jump on Armin's back causing him to instantly grab your legs

Armin: Y/n what are you doing?

You: I'm kinda tired, you don't mind carrying me right?

Armin: u-um...

You: please, you used to carry me as kids

Armin:...okay, fine

You giggle and rest your head on his shoulder as you continue walking

You: so, you guys couldn't sleep?

Eren: not that, those two have something to show us

You: that's nice, Eren is actually getting along with someone without starting a fight first

Eren: oh shut up, you're always ready for a fight

You: knowing you, being ready for a fight is a call and response

Eren: seriously?

You: *nodding * yeah

You slowly move your hands from Armin's shoulders and wrap your arms around neck, pressing your cheeks together making Armin's face heat up

You: your warm Armin...anyway Eren how's your head?

Eren: my heads fine, leave me be!

You: I was only asking yeesh!

Finally, you all reached your destination at a cliff where the moon was in full view

You: it's so *yawns cutely* pretty

Berthold: you like the moon Y/n?

You: mmm-hmmm my old man said my mother liked the moon she would even go outside on a full moon and draw pictures of it

Reiner: that sounds nice

You: I hope so

Reiner: huh?

You: huh? Ah, it's just I never met my mom she died shortly after I was born so...

Reiner: oh, sorry to hear that...but I have a question, why are you here?

You: to be with my friends Armin, Eren and Mikasa, and I also want to see the outside world as a scout, I want to see if all the tales in the books my dad gave me are true, and Mikasa would need help keeping Eren from doing something stupid or getting killed

The guys chuckled as Eren clenched his fist

Eren: Y/n- huh? How are you gonna sleep now!?

You dozed off with your arms still wrapped around Armin neck, your head limping on his shoulder

Berthold: can't you two go out already?

Armin: what? We're not like that we're just friends

Reiner: you don't look like "just friends" but anyway Eren don't forget what we told you

Eren: right

They all went back down to camp Armin stopped at the girl's cabin and shook you a bit

Armin: Y/n wake up

You: Hmm?

Armin: we're at your cabin

You: oh sorry for falling asleep on you

Armin: that's ok

You hop off Armin's back and go back to your cabin

The next day Eren can finally use the gear correctly

Btw two years past

You were all running it the rain with some heavy equipment on your back, Keith was riding on a horse shouting at you, while running you look back seeing Armin tail behind, so as a friend you slowed down until you were next to him

Armin: Y/n!?

You: if your gonna tail behind I'm not gonna look back and watch you

Armin: but your much faster you'll get points take off

You: so what? Making sure you're not alone is more important to me

He widened his eyes hearing your words dust of pink spreading on his face

You: plus, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't come down here?

Armin: but I'm only slowing you down

You: I have faith in you, you may lack physical strength sometimes but your not weak, you can do this, I believe in you

He hid his red face as Keith comes down on​ his horse

Keith: L/n, Arlet to heavy for you!? Maybe you'd prefer I let you drop your gear!? If this were a real mission you both would have been Titan food by now

He went back to the front as you let out a sigh, hosting your gear against your shoulders

Reiner: give it here

He took off Armin's bag and held it on his back along with his

You: hey you'll lose points like that

Reiner: he's gonna fail at this rate were being graded today

Armin: but you'll get points marked off too, if you do that

Reiner: then make the grade without getting found out before I change my​ mind

Armin growled and grabbed his​ bag running ahead of some people

You: that's​ my boy

You pick up the pace and run back to where you were before

Keith: [ Y/n L/n, she's nearly flawless at everything she does, and works well with her comrades, although she tends to let her comrades weigh her down, she has the perfect ideal image of a soldiet...but there's something about her that's most definitely...wrong]

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