A New Dawn [Sanji x Reader]

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You opened your tired eyes, smoke and dust everywhere. Sitting down, a numbing ringing in your ears tortured your brain. You covered them with your hands, trying to stop it, but to no use.
You looked around, corpses and blood everywhere.

Then it hit you.

You stood up, stumbling and almost falling. Everything spun around as you made your way through the sea of dead marines' bodies.

Where are they?

You kept looking around until you heard them. Cannon shots.

You started running, feeling a sharp pain on your side. You put your hand on it, feeling the sticky texture. You didn't need to but looked down anyway.


The stain covered all your right side. But the pain didn't stop you.

You were their last chance. You had to get there.


The scene was terrifying, corpses all over the long field, and the smell was disgusting.
You scanned the area looking for your friends.

Zoro lay on the ground, unconscious or dead. He was the nearest to the front line.

Flashbacks of him running to stop the first attack came to your mind as the pain struck you back. You put a hand on your head.

Usopp was nowhere to be seen, and Nami was trying her hardest to keep up with the attacks.

You stumbled on a corpse and fell down, covering your hands in blood and dirt. You glanced down just to see that the body belonged to no other than Robin. She was completely soaked in blood, a big whole in her chest.
You felt sick and looked away to avoid puking. Your hands trembled.

What has happened here?

The attacks hadn't stopped. You could hear them coming.

You stood up and walked slowly, trying your hardest not to fall. The pain on your side was worse now that your brain was waking up. You couldn't remember someone attacking you, but they had probably assumed you were dead when you fainted.

You still couldn't hear anything, just that painful and annoying ringing in your ears.

You could see Sanji trying his hardest to keep standing up, one knee on the ground; Chopper was trying to wake Zoro up, tears rolling down his cheeks; and Luffy... he was struggling.

You had never seen him like that.

His hat was missing, his hair was covered in blood, his clothes had holes everywhere, and his arms and legs were bruised. He was panting.

You cried, your tears clouding your vision.

You tried to dry your tears with your arm, only to cover half of your face with blood in the process. The taste was awful, and the smell went up your nose and wouldn't go away.

You looked up at the sky, trying stupidly to find an answer there. Black clouds covered it all. You could see the lightnings. You couldn't hear them, but they were there, menacing the men fighting underneath.


You tried to shout, but the cannon shots silenced your words.

You looked up at the sky and saw them coming. They were going to kill you all.

You glanced at your friends who, too, were looking at the sky hopeless. Sanji turned to you, his eyes widening in astonishment.

His mouth moved, but you couldn't hear the words.

You cried. You wished you could hear his voice one last time. You shook your head in vain, trying to clear your mind, and made your way to the center of the field as fast as you could, the shots closing up.

You turned to face your friends and smiled at them sadly.

"What a ride." You said, not sure if anyone could hear you.

Immediately after, you opened your arms. Sanji's mouth opened and closed incessantly as he ran towards you, his hand raised in your direction. His pained expression broke your heart, but you were their last chance.

"I love you." You told him when he was meters away from you.

You didn't know if he had heard you, but you saw the tears in his eyes as he hopelessly tried to reach you.

You raised the shield.

Sanji slammed his fists against it, his mouth opening and closing more now if possible. The ringing in your ears was disappearing, but the shield didn't let you hear him, and you would keep it up for as long as possible.

They will have time to escape. They will be okay.

You repeated those words in your head over and over.

You observed everyone in front of you. Nami was on her knees, her eyes wide open and her hands covering her mouth. Sanji continued slamming his fists against the energy shield, tears running down his cheeks. Minutes later, he knelt down in front of you, defeated, his hands resting on the shield.

Luffy... he was staring at you. He clenched his fists and lowered his head.

You smiled sadly and told them to go.

You did hear it coming. The whistle before the impact. And it stroke meters away from you. Blood filled your mouth and made you cough, but you didn't move. You couldn't. You had promised yourself you would save them.

The first gunshots hit your back, making you kneel down. You were now at Sanji's height, and he looked right into your eyes. Tears fell down your cheeks as the marines shot you. He cried too, and fought against Nami when she tried to make him move. You searched for his eyes to numb the pain, but you couldn't bear it anymore.

You screamed. You screamed madly.

They had to go, otherwise you would all die there.

You felt your powers weakening. You knew they hadn't much time left before the shield disappeared.

Chopper glanced at you before picking Zoro up and running in the ship's direction. Nami followed him. Luffy ran to where you both were, picking Sanji up, not caring for his protests and screams.

Your captain looked at you one last time and nodded, then picked Robin and left. Sanji's eyes didn't leave you until you no longer could see each other.

Your whole body burned, your back raw from the shots. You closed your eyes, trying to go to a happy place, somewhere where you were all safe.

And then, everything disappeared.

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