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"How do I look?" I pulled at my shirt nervously.

Aiden laughed as he changed Lilith's nappy. "You look gorgeous as always, Kitty. Stop stressing- it's only Alaric."

I bit my lip and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "I know but I want to make a good impression."

"He honestly won't care, Kitty."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the downstairs door. "Oh they're here." Aiden smiled. He finished buttoning up Lilith's yellow baby-grow and lifted her up so she was leaning on his shoulder.

Together we walked downstairs. Nerves churned in my stomach as the strange scents of Alaric and his friends suddenly hit me.

"Addy!" A small boy of about 2 years squealed, tottering up to Aiden whilst being supported by one of the two tall, daunting men.

"Hello Con," Aiden smiled.

"Is this my new cousin?" The boy gurgled. He had soft bronde hair and smiling green eyes.

Aiden nodded, kneeling down beside the boy. "Quiet now Connor, Lilith is sleeping." He hushed.

Connor gazed down at her in wonder. 'He's so cute!!' Leona squealed. She was right- he had rosy, chubby cheeks and stubby little arms and legs. His bronde hair looked a soft as feather down, a wild mess on the top of his head and his shining green orbs giggled like tiny stars.

"Hi!" I turned to see three people, all dotted around the living room. A girl with long black hair with navy blue highlights woven into plaits. She was beautiful to say the least- she had honey-tanned skin and navy blue eyes- dark and intriguing. The clothes she was wearing seemed to resemble a corset-type thing for the shirt- black with navy blue belts and buckles, along with a black skirt, just above knee length and knee high black boots. Around her waist there was a scabbard, in which there seemed to be a dagger. She was grinning wildly, a hand stuck out to me. "I'm Josephine! But everyone calls me Jojo."

I shook her hand. "Hello Jojo, I'm-"

"Jamie! I know!" She squeezed my hand, causing pain to shoot up my wrist- she had a strong grip. She gestured behind her to a tall, broody looking man leant against the window sill. "That's my brother, Charlie." I noticed an Irish twang in her voice.

He lifted his dark head, revealing ice blue eyes. His mouth twitched upward at one end as a greeting smile. As I took in his appearance, I noticed several scars on his hands, face and neck, along with a cacophony of weapons close to his torso: knives, daggers, bullets... He was wearing a long, brown leather coat, dark trousers, white shirt and heavy looking boots- it was almost as if he'd jumped straight out a musketeer-based modern action film.

The last person was sat on the cream-coloured sofa. He was watching little Connor intently through clouded brown eyes, a mess of tawny hair atop his head. He too was wearing heavy, leather clothes and a short black jacket.

"You must be Alaric, then...?" I greeted him. He rose to his feet, his shoulders broad, and smiled.

"Yes." He nodded, speaking quietly, gently, and with a slight accent. "This is Connor, my son."

"He's adorable." I told him.

He grinned. "I know. He takes after his mother..." Looking away, he hid his gaze from me. I could feel his pain radiate off of him. He was so silent and remorseful... "Your daughter is so beautiful." He commented, gazing at her little bundled body.

Pride swelled in my chest. "Her nickname is Screeching Owl, because Lilith, the storm Goddess also shared the name... and she's very loud."

Alaric, Jojo and Charlie all laughed lightly. "I know how you feel- but they get somewhat quieter as they grow." Alaric assured me.

"I've brought drinks!" Asher announced, walking into the room with a tray. Giving him a sideways glance, I wondered what he was doing here, other than delivering drinks. He handed me one. "And last but not least, beautiful." He winked cheekily at me, before turning and leaving the room. As he did, I saw him glare at Lilith. Confused, I watched him shuffle around Aiden and leave, hastily.


"Urrrrgh!" Asher roared, storming into the room, leaving the door to bang and bellow on its hinges. He swiped a hand out, flipping over a chair with a crash like lightning.

"Someone's got their knickers in a twist..." I hummed, not even glancing at him.

"That stupid baby should be mine! That was the plan!" He roared, pacing the room. His white hair swished around his head like a snow-storm and his grey eyes glinted like the steel of a blade.

"I know. I know." I rolled my eyes, bored of his childish ignorance.

He slammed his hand down on the coffee table, snarling viciously. "Then what do you plan on doing about it!" he demanded.

Clapping my book shut, I snapped my gaze to his furious orbs. "Your time will come, as will the weapon. As for this- Lilith- she is but a distraction. But patience is vital to the plan- I thought you knew that. It may take generations to get this right!" He knew nothing of what was at stake here! He's just an impatient little pup, yearning for glory.


Irritation itching at my scalp, I hissed "You are just a small piece in a very large puzzle, Asher. In many ways you are unimportant."

Indignant, Asher frowned. "Unimportant?! Why I-!"

In a flash, I had a hold of his neck, feeling his pulse coursing through his veins beneath my nails. "I can easily find another werewolf, boy! So watch your tongue and do as I say. It it'll end badly for you." I dropped him on the hardwood floor. "You're not the only werewolf in the world with a thirst for his name to be known and fertility in his pants!"

Asher scowled, but inched away slowly. "Fine."

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