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The smell of decay was thick in the air- it hung low like a deathly fog and it tainted my senses. Stumbling, I fell to the floor causing a welt of blood to ooze from the palm of my hand. Hissing in pain, I twisted round on the ground to see what I'd tripped on.

It was a coffee brown arm... Blood dripped down it as it lay limp in the dirt.

Gasping, I scrambled backwards. Something wet soaked into my clothes as I fell back onto my elbows. Horror wracked through me violently as I saw that I was sat in a pool of crimson blood. Desperately, I tried to claw my way to my feet, but a hand grabbed me, pulling me back into the blood.

I tried screaming but no noise came from my tight throat.

The hand that held me dug its nails into my flesh. Pain radiated through my body. I searched for Leona's presence but I was only met with silence.

"Bring them the weapon!" A voice screamed shrilly. I recognised it as Cass, one of the Orion vampires- the one Faulkner killed on the day of the attack.

Still panicking, my breathing picked up and I tried screaming again. The arm crawled forward, exposing Lillian, creeping through the mud towards me. Another arm clamped down on my ankle. I couldn't move. Terror struck my chest like I was being beaten with a club. Lillian's corpse drew neared.

"They want the weapon!" She hissed, opening her eyes. They were pupil-less and completely white. Terrifying.

Another hand burst through the mud and pools of blood and scraped over my face, clawing a scratch in my cheek, spilling my sticky, warm blood.

"Help!" I yelled.

"Jamie!" Aiden clasped my shoulders steady. "Jamie stop screaming."

We were sat in the living room of the pack house. People had gathered round and were staring intently.

"Jamie, what in the name of the Gods were you screaming at?" Aiden questioned. His blue orbs were clouded with worry as he brushed away a strand of my tawny hair.

Looking around panicked, I felt my cheek for signs of a scratched or blood, but there was none.

'Jamie? You zoned out! I couldn't reach you!' Leona exclaimed worriedly.

'It was all so real...'

"Jamie? What's wrong?" Aiden persisted.

I shook my head. "I-I don't know..."

Nickoli sat down beside me, a concerned look on his brows. "Babe you completely zoned out... and started screaming like a nut."

Raffi hit him. "Shut it, Nick-dick."

Nickoli laughed. "I'm not even offended."

Giggling, I rubbed my eyes. "I'm so sorry. I think I just had a really intense day dream..."

Aiden rubbed my back. "Intense is one word for it- you were screaming blue murder."

Blinking, I replied, "It was messed up..."

'Jamie?' a voice called.

I gasped. 'William?!'

"Jamie?!" Aiden jumped as I gasped. "What's wrong?!"

Grinning widely, I squealed. "Will is talking to me!"

Raffi and Aiden smiled a little. Nick tried to look enthusiastic but I could tell he was a bit upset... it made me feel guilty that he was feeling this way, but angry because I know it's Will's fault.

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