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I met my brothers near the far edge of the territory. It was now late afternoon, and the sun was dipping below the tree line. It was rich yellow, like a broken egg yolk and its light spilled over the pale pink-y-purple sky.

Chase was slumped against a tree; scowling and not meeting Will's gaze.

"Finally!" Will sighed with relief. "Right let's go."

Chase grumbled. "I don' see why we have to leave!"

"Because," William growled irritably, "Grace needs us."

Chase threw his hands in the air. "Why doesn't she just come to visit us here?"

"Because she can't!"

Chase growled lowly, threateningly, his eyes sparking with irritation. "You aren't my dad, y'know you can't boss me around!"

Will squared up to our younger brother, and hissed. "I'm responsible for you- so yes I can!"

Chase, almost the same height as Will, but just a few inches shorter, snarled and his eyes turned to slits. "Well I'm not leaving."

"You are."

"No-"I intervened. Anger and frustration built up inside of my chest and I clench my fists. Will and Chase looked at me, both looking angry. "Will we aren't leaving."

He went ballistic. "What the hell! Yes we are! "He ordered. "Grace needs us more than this pack does!" Desperation was in his eyes now- he was outnumbered.

"She can come and find us." Chase determined.

"Why is it so important we go and see her anyway?" I asked. I wanted answers.

Will looked away for a second and gnawed his bottom lip. "It just is."

Chase crossed his arms over his chest. "If you can't tell us then we aren't going."

He growled loudly. "Fine!" He roared. "I'll go on my own!" He hissed and shifted in fury, shredding his clothes and turning to flee into the undergrowth.

"William!" I called, but it was too late. Immediately, guilt swept over me.

'Will?!' I cried for his link.

'Jamie,' he called back. 'I'll be fine- stay safe- and I'll return soon.'

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