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One Shot One Direction.

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Hey guys, this is just gonna be a bunch of one shot fics :)

Comment and say your name and who you want the fic to be with! It can be a romance (i'm pretty good at those... I'm quite cheeseh ;)) or it can just be some bromance, I don't mind boyxboy either,  totally ship that shit out :D

This is just a taster :P 


Louis POV.

When me and Eleanor broke up I was absolutely shattered, I refused to come out of my room, I refused to eat, and just plain refused to talk to anyone. I hated what she did to me. Cheating on me with some dick from The Wanted. Ashton right? Whatever.

There was a light knock on the door.

"Louis?" a timid voice asked. I already knew it was Emma. She had been my best friend since before the X Factor, and I had always had a soft spot for her. She was absolutely amazing and my spirits always lifted when she was around.

"Hmm." I replied simply, not this time though, my spirits were way down and it was going to be difficult to get them back up to were they should be.

"Can I come in? I had a nightmare" she mumbled. I looked at the clock and it was 3 am. I simply nodded and she came over to the bed and just looked at me. Her eyes rimmed with tears. Must have been a bad one. I opened my arms to her and she just sat and cuddled.

"Louis, can I ask you something?" she lifted her head up and looked me directly in the eyes.

"Did you ever actually love Eleanor? Or did you just think you did because you didn't want to be alone...?" still staring me in the eyes.I thought about it. I hadn;t realised how long I hadn't said anything until she got up.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to upset you, I was just curious. Goodnight Lou" she smiled at me.And that;s when it hit me.

"Wait! Emma, don't erm... Don't go. Please?" I had grabbed her wrist and whirled her round. She was inches away from my face.

"Why...?" she trailed off.It was now or never Lou, if you didn't do this then you will never be happy. Eleanor didn't make you actually happy and you know it. You just thought you were happy.

"This is why" I said before pulling her closer and placing my lips carefully on hers. They tasted of banana. She didn't move, she was just frozen. Fuck. This was a mistake. I pulled away but before I could register anything again, she pulled me into a fierce, passionate kiss.We pulled away panting after about 5minutes.

"You have no idea how long I have waited for you to do that Boo." she said to me, blushing and looking down.

"I hadn't realised it until now Em. You are my one and only and I was never happy with her, only with you and the boys. This just proves that I am actually falling for my best friend. Cliché?" she laughed and so did I.

I laced my hands with hers and we shrugged into my small bed, forgetting that ever was and just waiting for more of the right things to come in the morning. I went to sleep with a smile on my face that night.

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