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"Would you like to explain to me who the hell are you?" Blaze's voice radiated throughout the room, slamming to hands down on to his desk, causing it to shudder in protest.

The blond, top less, sauntered over the Blaze's desk, adorning a cocky smile, his hand stuffed in the pockets of his pants. 

Sticking a hand out to shake, he lazily replied, "Lumos. Nice to meet you Alpha." 

Blaze's jaw twitched, as he crossed his arms over his chest

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Blaze's jaw twitched, as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Okay, Lumos," Blaze slowly replied, as if he was testing out the half naked man's name on his tongue, "Why are you here?"

"Why so salty? If I remember correctly I was the one who saved your mate's and subsequently your ass." Lumos pointed out, already expecting the hostility he was receiving.

Aurora and Adeline both sat quietly on the comfy chairs in front of Blaze's desk, their eyebrows raised, trying to stop laughing at Blaze's pissed of expression.

Before Blaze could respond, Adeline butted in.

"To be fair Ezra, you were the one who had a break down when we were trying to save Aurora."

"I had no fucking clue that Aurora was sick!" Blaze roared through the room, furious at the idea that he didn't care Aurora was be spread.

"You could have at least checked on her! You're her mate!" Adeline yelled back, gripping the edge of her seat, her knuckles turning white. "Not once."

Blaze turned eerily silent, and softly said, "You damn well know why I didn't."  

"It's not my fault you have a problem with the roug-" Adeline argue before being cut off by Blaze.

"Anyways," Blaze paused, sending Adeline a pointed look, "What is your purpose here?" Blaze finished, looking back up at Lumos, who had a knowing look in his eyes.

Lumos smiled, and plopped into a couch opposite of Blaze's desk. 

"I'm here to protect Aurora and-"

"I'm perfectly capable of handling myself." Aurora said, stating it instead of protesting.

"Trust me, I know. If you had let me finish my sentence I could explain better. I'm also here to help you with your abnormal issues." Lumos expended, gesturing with his hands.

"-Abnormal issues?" Adeline butted in, sending a disbelieving look towards the golden haired guy.

"Oh you know, just all of the symptoms of being a goddess descent." Lumos casually explained, crossing a leg over the other.

"We can handle it ourselves, Lumos." Adeline hissed, sending a narrowed glare in his direction. In response, Lumos simply winked and adjusted the watch on his wrist.

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