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"Jesse fuck off! You are so not coming to my trip with Enrico, I can't believe you right now," I yelled, irritated by his trip to Germany as well. Not to mentioned, on the same fucking day as mine. Coincidence? I think not!

Jesse looked at me struck by my sudden outburst, before he dropped into a fit of laughter.

"As much as I hate it when you talk so vulgarly, I think you are rather cute when you are angry," he said in between fits of cackling, "your mouth go all pouty, and you remind me of this fat fish."

Oh, so now it's funny

My frowned deepen, "I do not pout!"

"Yeah you do. There you just did it again."

"Stupid," I muttered, before hitting him on his thigh.

"Stupid," he mimicked me in a slightly higher notes.

His respond only made me angrier, and my eyes turned into a slit as I watched him, challenging him to tease me some more. 

He didn't mind me, when he stood up and place our teacups in the sink. I followed him as he began to start the tap. I shoved him to the side and took his place and began to wash the cups instead. He watched me as I rub the soap into the interior and exterior of the looking expensive ceramic.

"I'm not stalking you if that's why you are so pissed, I also have a business trip there."

My head snapped towards him, my eyes wander curiously, as I raised an eye brow, "You better not be stalking me, cause if you are, trust me you will regret the moment your mom gave birth to you."

I pointed at him, to proved the seriousness of my threats and accidentally spilled soap water all over his face.

I gasp at the look formed on his face, when he jumped back, and I began to chuckle uncontrollably.

He looked at me as if he was going to kill me, so I took a step back. Afraid for my life, when all the humor left his face, I began to think of many possible ways to escape his wrath. He looked like a predator ready to kill his prey, and man was I about to shit my self.

"Is there something funny miss Heart?" his voice huskier than ever, making my heart leap a beat, and not just from the fact he was hot when he was like this. He stepped forward closing in our space every time I step back, causing me to hit my back against the sink. I looked around for an escape and began to count to get myself ready for my take off.




Run Amelia!

I stumbled a bit as I dashed out like my life depends on it. My eyes watched him from the opposite of the counter cautiously.  Jesse raised an eyebrow and smirk, amusement was written all over his face. He leaned by the counter on both his hands, his face few inches across from mine.

Damn those smirk!

" You know I will always catch you Amelia."

It was hard not to think of the double meaning behind his words, but I quickly ignored it as the bubbly feeling at the bottom pit of my stomach erupted. I was enjoying myself, more than I should. I was glad that I had taken off my heels, but I didn't feel comfortable running with my red dress that was constantly pulled up to my ass.

He watched me humorously as I struggled to keep the hem of my dress on its appropriate level. Pervert!

"I bet you can't this time," I challenged him, making him smile even wider. He moved fast around the counter, but I beat him to it, by sprinting to the other side.

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