Forever My Lady (2).

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We sat in the studio, awaiting for K-Ci, Dalvin, and JoJo to arrive. As usual, they were running a bit late.

"They need to start takin' this shit seriously", DeVantè muttered, shaking his head as he spun around in his chair, running his fingers along the rough texture of the armrests.

I nodded in agreement, speaking with sarcasm, "For real. It's been about two seconds since we got here and they still haven't shown up." He stopped spinning once the chair had faced me, giving me a look.

"Ha ha. Very funny", he said with annoyance and I giggled, giving him a smile which he ignored and averted his attention to the door as it opened, seeing them finally walk in with bags of McDonalds. He quickly got up from his chair, jogging over to them, "Wow. Y'all are such great friends. Always on time and taking this just as serious as me..." He trailed off as Dalvin opened one of the bags, attempting to reach his hand inside but Dalvin immediately slapped it away.

Dalvin pulled the bag to his chest to secure it, "Uh uh! I think the fuck not!"

"Come on, Dal. Didn't I share my earphones with you? By the way, you need to clean yo' ears... You left a whole bunch of wax on 'em", DeVantè said as he reached for the bag again.

Of course Dalvin turned his back to him, practically hugging the bag and probably squishing the food that was inside, "No!"

"You not gon' clean yo' ears? Wow. I don't see why girls like you, man. That's nasty", JoJo responded with a look of disgust.

Dalvin kissed his teeth, grilling JoJo while still trying to fight off DeVantè who was reaching his long arms around him to try and grab the bag, "Quit playin', Don! Damn!"

"No wonder why he always singin' off key. The nigga can't hear!", K-Ci chimed in as he smacked on a French fry, eyes wide as he looked over at JoJo who's jaw was agape, nodding in agreement with shock as if they had finally caught onto something.

DeVantè had finally snatched the bag, running around the coffee table that sat in the center of the studio and Dalvin huffed, chasing after him. They played the game of cat and mouse for a good five minutes and I was almost positive the food was cold by now.

"D, give him his food", I groaned out, tired of hearing Dalvin whine like a child. DeVantè ignored me, laughing and pointing at Dalvin's face which was frowned up. I felt bad for him because I was just as serious about my food as he was but watching him react the way he was truly made me cringe. "D...if you don't stop...", I warned and he sighed, slowing down and allowing Dalvin to catch up to snatch the bag back.

Dalvin shoved DeVantè over to the side, "Childish ass lil' boy. How you older and act younger than me?"

"Push me again and you gon' be seein' stars", DeVantè threatened as he stepped toward Dalvin and slapped the back of his head. "Keep ya' hands to yourself, shit stain."

K-Ci choked on his fry, coughing as he hit his fist against his chest with wide eyes and JoJo patted his back.

Dalvin has shit stains in his boxers? Gross.

Before Dalvin could say anything else, I quickly stood up and stepped in between them, "Enough already. Don't y'all have work to do?" They both took turns jumping at each other as the stepped back and went to opposite sides of the studio—DeVantè at the soundboard and Dalvin on the couch.

"I got a song I wrote last night that I want y'all to hear. Al helped me tweak it a bit but I think it's ready", DeVantè said as he pressed play, the music coming through the speakers with Al B. Sure and DeVantè's harmonies filling our ears.

"So you're havin' my baby and it means to much to me. There's nothin' more precious, than to raise a family. If there's any doubt in your mind, you can count on me. I'll never let you down. Lady believe in me", Al sang and I smiled brightly but quickly caught myself as JoJo furrowed his eyebrows, wondering why I was smiling so hard. DeVantè's vocals has joined in, singing backup and I was impressed with how good he sounded. It annoyed me that he never showcased all of the talents he had. When he's in the correct range, DeVantè could blow. However, when he got in a higher octave, his voice got raspy. But man did he sound good on this demo.

Once it was over, JoJo and K-Ci exchanged glances with each other but Dalvin asked the question they had been hesitating to ask, "Who's havin' a damn baby?"

"Al", DeVantè started to say and they all sighed with relief while I tensed up, waiting for him to drop the bomb. "And me", he added and they all stood up, yelling 'What?' at the same time.

Dalvin threw his hands up, pacing around the room, "Aw, nah. I'm too young to be a uncle and my pullout game is better than my older brother's. What is the world comin' to? You the one who gave me the birds and the bees talk and didn't even talk to yourself!" He looked stressed, pulling down on his cheeks to where his lips and eye lids sagged and stretched downward.

"Which one of them white girls you done knocked up? Amber or Abigail? I heard about you fuckin' them two sisters. Nasty ass mothafucka'", K-Ci said, catching me off guard.

JoJo nodded in agreement, pointing to K-Ci, "Mhm. I remember that shit because one of them left a log in our toilet. Remember that?"

"Yep!", K-Ci blurted.

I stood up, growing frustrated at how much they were talking and how long it was taking DeVantè to tell them, so I did it myself. "It's me!", I yelled out and they all stopped their conversions, looking over at me in confusion. "I'm the one who's...pregnant."

"WHAT? YOU BETTA' QUIT LYIN', [Y/N]. THIS AIN'T A JOKIN' MATTER!", JoJo screamed as he stepped closer to me, a stern look on his face which made my heart begin to race.

K-Ci joined him, coming closer as well, "Yeah! I know you wanna' fit in with your lil' friends who be havin' stories to tell but you ain't gotta' take it that far!"

DeVantè glanced over at me while discretely moving over to Dalvin who was shaking his head frantically, seeming as if he didn't want to get in the middle of it. I don't blame him.

"I'm serious... We've been datin' since June and well...I just founded out two days ago", I said timidly.The next thing I knew, Dalvin was holding JoJo back while K-Ci swung at DeVantè who dodged it and I quickly stepped between them, trying to diffuse the situation, "Stop it, alright?! It's not that serious!"

"Not that serious? You lucky you a girl or I'd knock yo' teeth right out yo' mouth. Talkin' crazy", K-Ci spat.

I sighed, "I know it's a big responsibility but that's for me and him to worry about. Not y'all. Just chill out.."

"This is fucked up", JoJo mumbled, pushing Dalvin's hands off of him. "I trusted you, man", was all he said before shooting DeVantè one last look and walking out of the studio and K-Ci soon followed behind, shaking his head.

Dalvin sighed, nodding his head with is hands resting on the sides of his abdomen, "Well, that went well."

We didn't say anything, only staring at him before walking back to the soundboard, taking a seat next to each other and sitting in silence.

Now what are we going to do?

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