The Color Of Love Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

It was Monday and I sat in first period waiting for the bell to ring. I was supposed to be meeting Trevon in the courtyard so I was a little bit anxious. I thought about the previous weekend. It had started out good but had not ended so good. Trevon and I had a few more dances and shared a few more kisses and I ended up leaving the party around one in the morning to go home and find my parents waiting for me. I was so shocked; they were supposed to be out of town for one more day. If I would have known they were coming back I would have slept over at Lyci's. My parents were strict, but Lyci's mom was so cool and laid back and didn’t really mind what time we came back to her house, just as long as she knew what we were doing.

 I was grounded for two weeks and I couldn't use my phone unless it was an emergency. I shifted in my seat. What was wrong with this damn bell? It never seemed to ring when I actually wanted it to.  After anticipating a while longer it finally rang. I quickly headed for the courtyard to find Trevon already waiting for me. Awh he was too cute.

"Hey Gorgeous" I blushed

"Hey what’s up" I replied trying to play it cool.

"So am I walking you to class?" he asked

"If you want to" He smiled and then replied

"Let's go"

After walking me to class Trevon left me with a kiss that stayed on my mind a lot longer than it should have. Ugh this boy had me going crazy. Calm down Alyssa remember that he is a player so you can't get too caught up with him. I told myself. He will only hurt you and end up breaking your heart in the end. Mrs. Barker soon broke through my thoughts with here high pitched annoying voice.

"Okay class, today were going to be doing an activity that causes for the class to split into two groups. Now I'm going to leave the classroom for a minute and let you guys split into your own groups, but let me advise you to remember what I said last time" and with that she walked out.

I thought back to last Friday, Mrs. Barker had told us to think about how we segregated ourselves in the class from the ones we were different from, by different she meant color. We lived in a small town in Alabama called Deatsville. It wasn't a racist town but we just clicked with people of our own color. We talked to white people and white people talked to us. It was just that we would rather hang out with our own people. It was nothing.

So like always we split into two different groups, and one group was white people and the other was black people. When Mrs. Barker came back into the room she shook her head. She earned a few laughs from both groups. It wasn't that we were racist or anything, we just rather be with our friends who happened to be our own color. So we ended up working in two groups that consisted of the people we enjoyed to be around. Towards the end of class Mrs. Barker made an announcement.

"Okay listen up class we are going to be doing a project that you will work on over the next two months. You will be in groups of two so you will need a partner"

"You're my partner hun" Lyci whispered in my ear

"And you know it" I replied. Mrs. Barker continued on

"For this project you will think of an innovation that could improve healthcare, It can be anything, you will have to construct a paper telling what your innovation is and how it will improve healthcare, you will also have a few other things to do, but you will learn more about that tomorrow, but for now I'm going to put you in groups"

"What the hell?" Lyci whispered obviously not liking the idea. I listened as Mrs. Barker called out the groups aloud. All of them so far were interracial one black person and one white. I think she was trying to prove a point.

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