13. Mother's love ❤

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A mother and her love are something very very special. No one can explain it because it is made of much deep devotion, joy, pain and sacrifice. Nothing can destroy or  take away that special love. It is  endless and unselfish.
Mothers love is miracle man cannot understand. It is something that cannot be  measured and there is no beginning and end for that love.....                               
Riya's pov

Today is the day mom is coming home. Finally she us done with her work and will be here any time soon. I was running around like a child.words cant explain my happiness.I decorated home and made moms favorite  food I hope she loves it....
Everything is set just waiting for her to arrive.I got a mother's day gift for her and can't wait to see her.while waiting for her my mind went to past memories.
How my aunt turn to a mother and my everything. After the death of my patents I was soo lost and don't know who will be there for me. But she was an angel sent by God to be my every thing.Each and every movement we spent are special. That feeling and bond is something unexplainable.
My train of thought were cut by the sound of car. I jumped out from sofa and ran towards the door and there she is MY MOTHER the very reason for my existence. I ran her a hugged her tightly as if she will get disappeared. My eyes started to do their job they became wet. We stayed like that for sometime.when we part from each other I put on an angry face and act like I'm mad with her for not coming to airport to welcome me but she just laughed on me and give me a box which contains my favorite sweets and complete forgetting about my anger I hugged her again and thanked her. She got freshen up and had lunch and  lucky she likes it and told me it was the best she ever had.

After sometime we decided to for a shopping. Rohan is out of diapers and need some new clothes and I too need some new clothes because most of the dress that I have are chudidars.
So we got ready and went to a mall named Nave de vero. One of the famous mall in Venice we got there and went straight to kids section and  got some cute dress for Rohan and moved to ladies section and there are a variety of dress.  Mom selects a lot of dress and sent me trail room.

 Everything is just gorgeous and thankfully it's fitting

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Everything is just gorgeous and thankfully it's fitting. While trying on them I accidentally heard moms conversation with a lady.
They were talking about the company and I came to know about the most shocking news. That she is in debt and don't know what to do.she is worried about her creditors Lambordis. Without even caring about my surrounding I breakdown inside the trail room. I cant be like this. There is no point in crying I need to help my mom. After sometime I got out and went straight to mom and hugged her tightly.
And said her the same words that she told me years ago..
'I'm here for u u re not alone'.......

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