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Looking at the most beautiful scene in front of me, I smile as I lean against the door frame. 

There stands our five year old son, Carl, his arms wrapped around his daddy's leg.

Then there's our sweet three year old daughter, Faith, looking up at her dad with her daddy's smile on her face.

In between Carl and Faith is our two year old son, Oliver. Who has just started walking, so he's balancing between his two older siblings.

But then there's Lance. Standing over our baby-girl's crib, slowly taking her into his arms, a smile plastered on his face. 

"Sophia." Carl states, pointing at his youngest sister.

"Yes. Now let's go make breakfast before mommy gets up." Lance says, turning around.

"MOON GODDESS!" Lance yells, causing all the kids to jump from his scream.

"Shh." I scold him with a playful glare.

"You can't do that woman! I nearly had a heart attack and dropped Sophia!" Lance exclaims, holding a hand over his heart while holding Sophia with the other.

"That wouldn't have been good." I agree.

Lance shakes his head and mumbles something.

"Come here, kids." I say, bending down to their level of height.

All three kids wrap their arms around me, and give me kisses.

"I love you you guys." I say, with a smile never leaving my face. 

I stand up and wrap my arms around Lance and bury my head in his chest.

"The kids and I were going to surprise you with breakfast in bed. Like you use to get." Lance comments.

"You're gonna have to wake up earlier than that if you want to make me breakfast in bed, babe." I smirk before taking his hand into mine.

"But let's go make breakfast together as a family." I comment as we make our way downstairs, Lance still carrying Sophia. 

I sit on the counter and watch as Lance gives instructions to the kids on what they'll be making for breakfast.

Laura and Johnathon ended up having another child. Thankfully this time she was actually born in the hospital and not in the back of the car like her older brother Noah. 

Kane and Kelsey went on to have two more kids. Their family is so precious and so close. Kane is very lucky to have Kelsey as his mate. She's probably the only one with enough energy to keep that man in check. 

Ella and her mate ended up have two kids. I've visited her a few times. But we'll never be as close as we once were. It's actually rather bittersweet. 

Now as for Alexander, he finally moved on about three years ago. He was running in the neutral territory when he came across this crying young lady a few weeks after Lance and I married. Basically she had just met her mate when Rouges attacked her pack. Her mate was killed right in front of her. Protecting her. She fled and became a Rouges.

Alexander let her join his pack and kept a close eye on her. Two years later and they are dating. Another two years and he proposed to which she said 'yes'. Now they've recently gotten married and they are expecting their first child within the next few months.

He called me up asking is I could come over and talk with her. He wanted the three of us to talk, to which we did. Nancy was able to love Alexander after what he did, which was amazing. Alexander was able to forgive himself for what he did. But he'll never be able to forget it. He looks at me, and he remembers. But he also remembers other things. 

"Aubrey?" Lance questions, waving a hand in front of me face.

"Sorry. What?" I ask.

"Nothing. You zoned out. You okay?" Lance asks, placing a plate of food in front of me.

"Never better. Just thinking about what's happened these past few years." I comment.

"Oh yea?" Lance questions, I nod.

"I really was better off with Alexander's rejection." I comment before I start eating with my perfect family. 


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🌟Below is the synopsis of my other Werewolf book, Whatever It Takes🌟

🌟Below is the synopsis of my other Werewolf book, Whatever It Takes🌟

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We're all here for a reason.Some of us were born into this and it is all they ever know.
Some of us were brought here in hopes for bettering our cause.Some were brought in for their skills in the departments that we needed more help in.
Some were brought in for the information that they held which we need. ~~~~~~
Then there are those who came here in avenge those who have lost someone or even something dearly important to them.Her mate.
Kathrine, a beautiful girl with a dark past filled with darker secrets. When a simple mission turns into a rescue mission, Kathrine meets the one person she never thought she would. Now a form of prisoner and fights surfacing outside pack borders, Kathrine knows she's going to have to make a choice that will not only affect her life, but everyone else as well.
When flight or fight takes presence, Kathrine finds herself making a deal she's unsure about.Kathrine, dangerous and cunning, is going to be put to be put to the test to see just how far she can go before she breaks, or worse, gets killed.
Kathrine, strong and loyal knows that she'll do Whatever It Takes. Join Kathrine on her journey as she tries to protect the ones she loves, no matter the cost, no matter what it takes. ✨The Kathrine Series✨
Book One: Whatever It Takes - ONGOING

Book Two: To Be With You - FUTURE WORK 

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