She got off my lap

Mika : " baba na tayo "

Vic : " mag cr muna ako "

Mika : " okay bumaba ka na lang ha"

I nodded and went in the bathroom to do my morning rituals

When I got down where my son and wife is sitting at the dinning area waiting for me

Manang Pileng : " happy birthday, Vic "

I gave her a hug

Vic : " thank you manang, halika sabay ka na samin mag almusal "

Manang Pileng : " nakapag almusal na ako Vic salamat taska may gagawin pa ako sa labas "

I let go from our hug as she went outside I walked towards where Mika was sitting

I saw a plate full of pancekes on the table and just by looking at it I can distinguish what Mika cooked and what my son cooked

Some pancakes were perfectly cooked while the others has black edges it also has an inconsistent shapes and sizes

Vik : " ma come sit with us na "

I sat beside him and Mika on the other side

We started to eat I purposely chose the pancakes that were imperfect since I knew that it was cooked by my son

Dinaan ko na lang sa syrup para hindi ko masyado malasahan yung sunog

Vic : " hmmm sarap naman neto"

Vik looked at my plate and a smile automatically formed on his face

Vik : " ma I cooked that one "

Vic : " really? Well you did a great job "

He nodded at me and gave me the sweetest smile he has

Vik : " how about mommy's pancakes? "

Vic : " it's good too but nothing compares to your pancakes buddy "

I just love seeing him this happy.

Mika's POV

After our breakfast we decided that we're gonna go to the mall since some of our closest friends will be here later to celebrate Vic's birthday.

I was putting Vik's shirt when Vic came out of the bathroom

She saw that Vik and I were wearing a blue matching shirt but the shirt that I prepared for her is red

Vic : " love, bakit naiiba yung shirt ko? "

Mika : " love, birthday mo dapat naka red ka "

Vic : " gusto ko matchy din ako sa inyo eh "

Mika : " wag nang makulit, love paki suot na lang yang prinepare kong damit for you "

I said as I put some baby powder on Vik's back

She had no choice but to wear what I prepared for her kasi alam niya na pag hindi niya yun sinuot mag tatampo ako.


Vic's POV

We walked into the mall hand in hand with Mika while Vik was holding her other hand

Vic : " daan tayo sa Vans "

Mika nodded as we continue to walk until we got to the store

I wanted to buy myself something for my birthday

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!