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Storm pov

My ultimate pleasure is having a hot bath while reading one of Sherlock Holmes books, it is simply amazing. But poor little moi can’t enjoy her book with immature teenage boys screaming and fighting about my personal life, perfect right? you see we told my brothers about us as in me and Adam yesterday, they took it pretty well , but that was the thing , my brothers never accept things easily so I am predicting , team s had a mission without asking their leader .

As I walked down stairs after my so not relaxing bath , the only thing I processed was that my beloved boyfriend is pink , no , no ,not as in he is wearing pink ,it is as in his body color is pink !

I couldn’t help it ii started laughing like a maniac, Adam groaned

“Not you too, are you in on it too?”

“No way, but I sure wish I was “I said between laughter

“Gee, thanks a lot girlfriend “I felt guilty a little.

“Aww, don’t worry, pink is my favorite color “I said trying not to laugh.

Adam sighed “whatever “he said and sat on the couch.

“Hey, why didn’t Nina come with you “

Adam looked confused at me “what do you mean by that? Nina is already here from yesterday “

“What do you mean? She wasn’t here “Scott said worriedly.

“It is ok guys. Just call her “spark said. yeah that is it , I’ll call her , she will answer and prove me wrong , that the awful feeling I had today was NOT the same feeling I had when I lost uncle .

I picked up my phone and pressed the speed dial button, the phone kept ringing, but nobody answered.

“Adam she is not picking up, call your mom “

“What do you mean she is not picking up “Scott Screamed?

“Scott, calm down! “Seth said.

“Hey mom, do you know where is Nina?” he paused “did she tell you that?” anther pause “do you have it? Ok perfect I am coming now “

“So?” I asked.

“There was a message, left in her room that she is spending the night here, it is still in her room, come on “

Scott practically ran out of the house, his face is a mixture of blood thirst and pure worry.

“Seth I need you to keep an eye on him “Seth understood, he gave me a simple nod.

We got to Adam’s place in less than five minutes, even though normally it takes more than half an hour.

As we got out I found Scott on the floor of Nina’s room and had his face barred in his hands

I ran to him “what is it? Tell me “I screamed the last part. he gave me his cell phone, there was a message from an unknown number , it said that Nina is with jack , she has been kidnapped .

“He got her “three words that sent my world to extreme chaos. Adam punched the wall hard, his knuckles started bleeding and well Nina now has a huge hole in her wall. Scott simply went numb, if it wasn’t for his fast breath, I would believe he is dead.

I hugged Adam “don’t worry we will find her, I promise you that.’

“At least we know his exact place now “Seth said, everyone looked alarmed and hopeful at me.

“What? I told you I had a plan, I just didn’t think of him getting Nina “

“How did you find it? “ Sam asked.

“Simple, do you remember our first meeting about the jack?”

They all simply nodded.

“Well that day something hit my leg when I was sitting, I thought it was one of you guys but it wasn’t I discretely discovered it was a listening device, that jack of course put there. So we simply tracked the signals and voila we found him.”

“But it was extremely difficult he has good protection “Seth added

“Come on then let’s go, what you are waiting for “Scott said and ran as fast as he could, Sam, spark, sky and Seth were hot in his trail.


“I broke my promise “I remembered about when he told me about his promise to his dad about protecting his family.

“don’t worry , we will get her back safe “It might have been my determined  voice , or his own will to protect his sister , but his eyes burned with a strange need to fight , I knew this look , I knew it too well . That look is exactly the same look I wore when the incident happen.

“Come on “I said “we need to go home “the guys nodded, and all of us got in our cars

Adam picked up his phone “hey mom, I found her finally, they were only playing a prank on me. anyways I’ll stay at their house  today , so don’t wait up tonight “ he closed his phone and I took his hand in mine , he smiled sadly at me , I knew he hated lying to her , but  her worry is going to be a burden to us in the fight .

Hey jack! Be prepared because you have just unleashed the fury of the emerald eyes.


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