Intense II - Lewis Hamilton

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Do I really need to Warn you guys? 😂😂 Okay, maybe.
Warning: sexual time with Hamilton✌


"WHAT?" she was so scared, with what she heard. But he didn't answer right away.
He untied his own legs, and looked at his girlfriend confused look. He knew how impressed and confused she was and with all the right, but also she knew how much good he is doing surprises.

"You sure you didn't understand?" He asked caressing her cheek, while slowly scanned her face, looking for a minimal imperfection.
His touch always made her feel sensible, like a fluffy cloud. "Talk to me!" He asks slowly opening her blouse buttons while she carefully paid attention to his very clever fingers. His cold fingers touched her abs softly making her dug her teeth in her lower lip with a smile, she was trying to relax, but his question was still banging inside her head. "Why?" She asked with her eyes closed making him side smile and get closer to her face. "Open your eyes!" He demanded. "I Love you!" He says so slow, and so deep making her almost cry.
He softly kissed her mouth, sensual, but also transforming it into a very sexual deep war.
Her heart was hammering against her chest, her blood agressive running through her veins when he attacks her neck pressing his tongue harder, kissing and licking it. She knew very well that he wanted to leave the love marks from her neck to her nipples down her abdomen and her very well defined v-lines. Her frustration was arising making her stuck her fingers in this chocolate semi-wet curls now and bringing his body back to close the minimal gap between the two of them to finally taste him again, his agressive yet sensual mouth devouring hers. "I love you, I love your mouth, I love your kisses..." he continued to go down her romaing his hands around her body but now he slowly stuck his finger inside her pants strap opening her first button before pushing her zipper down. It was so mesmerising the way the two of them looked at each other.

Without taking his eyes off it, Lewis lowered himself even more until he touched the place where the button of the trousers touched, causing shivers in her and causing long sighs. "You're so beautiful!" She could feel his hot breath getting down there when he slowly removed her pants with her undies. Now they were both equally naked, but the brit had other plans to the young lady.
He trails kisses down her tights, making her feel deep pleasure shocks. It was amazing to see how Lewis was mesmerised with his own girl.

"You look too wet baby girl!" He presses a finger into her intimacy as if pushing out all of her release. She clenched the sheets between her fingers while she tried to control her panting breath. His fingers were working too well to be real, like scissors making her lose her mind. She was so out of her mind that when she felt his tongue going strong down there, she whimpered louder than he expected making him smirk at the beautiful insatiable girl, who was so different now, she was not only needy, but she was also feeling very weak and vulnerable. His strong tongue had no mercy on her, she tried to closer her tights but his grip made her quite again, Lewis knew what that mean, so he automatically stopped. She looked nervous because she didn't knew why he stopped and he was back at it again. She started to breath heavier again, making Lewis stop! She frowned because she understood what was going on. Lewis wasn't the type who tests his girl limits, but that's what he was going to her now. She wasn't able to say a word, because she knew that she's the one who created that "monster" it was her fault that he was doing this to her. He smiled when he saw his girl white knuckles and her frustrated expression. "You're so beautiful."  Her eyes followed his very smart mouth hiding his tongue which magically penetrated her entrance, making the lady gasp. He suddenly started to go hard on her with his tongue and his fingers, making deep sighs and whimpers escape from her mouth.

"Baby, please... I."

"No you don't." His voice was deep, he was so focused, he wasnt joking, he wasn't smiling. But he was so loving at the same time. It was confusing.

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