Perfect Nails Every Time!

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Some (very lucky) people have been gifted with the ability to apply polish perfectly.  For the rest of us, the end result of an at-home manicure isn’t always as pretty (read: nail polish…everywhere). If your nail polish tends to end up on the skin around your nails, this tip is about to change your life.  To keep your polish on your nail beds and off your skin, all you need is Vaseline and a Q-tip! Here’s how to put this tip to use:

The Vaseline Polish Trick

Vaseline (or Lotion)


1.) Dab the Q-tip in the Vaseline or lotion

2.) Carefully wipe Q-tip on the skin around your nails, being careful not to get it on your actual nail bed

3.) Paint your nails as usual

4.) Wait for polish to dry

5.) Use a new Q-tip to clean up any leftover Vaseline or lotion residue

Putting Vaseline or lotion around your nails will keep your polish from getting onto your skin, leaving you with a perfect mani every time.

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