Chapter Fifty Two: Another

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"Hi, Luke," you give a halfhearted smile.

"Hey, Billie. Sorry that Tom couldn't make it. He's got some stuff to do. Probably won't be around until late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I was going to send a car, but he insisted that I get you."

You sigh before following Luke out of the airport.


There are traces of Tom around the suite, and you know he's been there recently. The smell of his cologne and aftershave linger in the air, and his reading glasses rest on the nightstand next to the bed. You roll your eyes when you see his pajamas lying in a pile on the floor. And he always gives me crap for leaving my laundry out. Your phone beeps, alerting you of a text message.

"Darling, I'm sorry I couldn't be there today. I'll make it up to you tomorrow. I promise. xxTom."

Luke had to get back to work, leaving you and William alone for the rest of the day.

"It looks like it's just you and me today, William. And the baby."

The boy looks at you and tips his head in confusion. You smile and pull him onto your lap.

"There's a baby in mommy's tummy." You move your hand to your belly, showing him where you mean. His little hand moves and rests on top of yours. "You're going to be a big brother. Can you say baby?"

He only looks at you. At a year and two months, he still hasn't spoken his first words. Tom has been persistent, constantly uttering Shakespeare around him. He's convinced that the first words his son will speak will be William Shakespeare. You disagree, but you let him hope.

"Baby." You hear. Your eyes dart to your son.


"Baaaaby," he says again, pointing to your belly.

"Yes! That's right! Baby. Good job! Mommy's so proud of you."

"Baby. Baaaaaby. Baby," he giggles.

You laugh and pull him into a hug.

"Now, you can't tell Daddy. You wait until I tell him tomorrow, okay?"

Wide blue eyes blink up at you. You're not worried. Tom's not supposed to be here tonight anyway. You'll have plenty of time to tell him before William can repeat his new favorite word.


"William," you warn, "behave."

He looks at you from his bath and grins before splashing once again.

"Is it time to get out?"

He raises his arms, indicating that he does, in fact, want to get out. That was easier than I thought it would be. You dry him off and put his pajamas on before making your way out to the main room. You turn on the TV to find a recording of one of Tom's interviews playing.

"Why don't you watch Daddy while I go get you some milk?"

William's eyes are glued to his father and you smile as you head toward the refrigerator. You're about to open up his sippy cup when you feel warm hands on your waist. You scream and spin around to get a look at the intruder. Tom's eyes are wide in shock, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

"Darling, I'm so sorry. I didn't-"

You cut him off, pressing your lips against his. He stands stiff for a moment, still in shock, before relaxing his muscles, his hands moving to your back and pulling your body firmly against his. You let him go and he rests his forehead against yours.

"I thought you weren't coming tonight?"

"I wanted to surprise you."

"You scared the hell out of me."

"I know. I'm sorry."

You smile before looking down at the little boy tugging on your husband's pant leg.

"Hello little one!"

He lifts William high into the air, causing a burst of giggles to fill the room.

"Tom, I'm trying to get him ready for bed. Don't make him hyper."

"Sorry, love."

He places the boy on his hip.

"Baby!" William sings.

"What? Oh my God! Bea! He's talking! Say it again!"

"Baby!" The child points to your stomach.

Oh. You frown, realizing that your son is trying to tell Tom that you're pregnant. He seems to miss what the boy is trying to tell him, and grins in pure joy that he's speaking.

"Baaaby! Baby. Baby. Baby," he repeats, still pointing at you.

"That's right! Baby! Baby. Baby?"

Tom looks at you and frowns.

"Baby," you nod.

"Wait. Are you saying...?"

"I'm pregnant."

He's still for a moment before a grin breaks out on his face.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! I saw the doctor the other day."

"Is that why you've been throwing up?"

"Morning sickness," you confirm.

He wraps his free arm around you, hugging you tightly.

"I can't believe it! I'm so happy, darling. And William," he looks at the boy in his arm, "you're going to be a big brother."

"Another baby," you whisper.

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