The Dungeon's Center

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"Wh... What the hell!?" Alibaba exclaimed in surprise. "The rock wall is shining... and I've never seen those plants before!"

"I know, isn't it flippin' cool!?" Faith said excitedly with sparkling eyes and a wide grin. "Now that's what I call a 'dungeon'!!"

"Yeah, that's a dungeon!!" Alibaba agreed, suddenly feeling pumped again.

"We did it!!" Aladdin cheered.

"I can't believe we're here!!" Alibaba said excitedly. "I guess that spring earlier must have been the 'starting point'..."

"Starting point?" asked Aladdin.

"Yeah! I read all about it in the famous 'Sinbad's Adventure Log'... Upon entering the dungeon's gate, one will fly through a pillar of light. Upon advancing on the correct path, treasures await. Most importantly, it is there that the 'Djinn Vessel' can be obtained," Alibaba explained.

"Oooh," Aladdin and Faith cooed.

'So I guess this 'Sinbad' must be that first dungeon conqueror he told us about before...' she thought. Aladdin, Alibaba, Sinbad... was it just her, or did there seem to be a lot of people here named after characters from the Arabian Nights stories...? But more importantly... "In other words, we can get all the treasures we want if we find that 'goal' thingy where the treasures are! And then I can use them to fund a massive search for my sister!!" she declared, pumping her fist in the air.

"Your what?" Alibaba asked, taken aback.

"My sister, Hope. We got separated, so now I have to find her again. I've been looking for her while we traveled together," she explained, pointing to Aladdin and the Djinn in the flute.

"I see..." said Alibaba.

"But there sure are a lot of entrances here..." Aladdin remarked, looking around at all the tunnels. "How do we find the right path without getting lost?"

"Yeah, good question..." said Faith with a frown. "It's too bad Hope isn't here, she's a genius."

"Huh? Alibaba-kun..." said Aladdin, glancing back at his new friend when he didn't answer. He was trembling with excitement.

"Let's go, Aladdin and Faith, down this hole!" Alibaba said, suddenly taking off like a shot as he headed for the nearest hole.

"What!? Why that one!?" Aladdin asked, flinching in surprise.

"Yahoo!! What's the matter, Faith!?" Alibaba taunted the older girl. "You chicken!?"

"Who you callin' chicken, boy!?" she yelled, immediately taking off after him.

"Ah!! Wait...?" Aladdin called out anxiously. He paused briefly outside the hole when something caught his eye before he continued hurrying after them, deciding he had better chase after them before they got too far ahead and wound up separated.

Meanwhile, back in the Chief's mansion...

"... Huh? Sir, what did you just say?" Budel asked, stunned by what he had just heard. The Chief couldn't be serious...

"Don't make me repeat myself... I said I'm going dungeon diving," said the young Chief as he stood up from behind his desk.

"Are you serious, Chief!? Many thousands have made the dungeons their graves!! Going dungeon diving is the same as having a death wish!!" Budel exclaimed anxiously, breaking out in a nervous sweat.

"..." The Chief paused for a moment while he adjusted his coat. "Well, you aren't wrong... but those kids from earlier are going into a dungeon... So if little guys like them can do it, then I should have no problem, right? I've been waiting for him... the time to ascend has come."

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