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"Here's the deal," I say, feeling my arms are about to give out, the bark biting into my skin, "you never saw me and this didn't happen

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"Here's the deal," I say, feeling my arms are about to give out, the bark biting into my skin, "you never saw me and this didn't happen."

His eyebrows dip in together, still confused. "Are you taking the fork?"

"Yeah," my voice is filled with surety, "I'm taking the fork."


In an attempt to improve her resume, history major Soledad Gutierrez, or Sol to her friends (because that's less depressing), decides to join the History Club at her Community college. However, the club at her school is quite peculiar: they have an initiation process. In order to join this club Sol must break into the oldest house in her small Californian town and steal one of their forks. The club members provide all the materials to break in, she just needs to take the utensil, take a selfie in the kitchen, and get out of the property --with the fork, of course.

The problem is: Ethan Winston saw everything that happened inside his grandparent's house, and is quite confused about the whole ordeal.


Disclaimer: Spanish is my native tongue HOWEVER there'll be some misspelling and/or mistakes on certain words and phrases (it already happened on the first chapter lol), so, to my dear Spanish speaking readers, please be kind. Los amo a todos, but I've been living in the U.S. for 10 years now so my written Spanish is not 100% accurate. Also this is a first draft so even my English is bad haha. Gracias.


- Lots of swearing (in two  languages)
- Spanish
- Historical events being inaccurately recounted
- Cosplaying a historical figure...probably
- Main character breaking the 4th wall a couple of times
- The fact that this is a first draft


A/N: I am back! I know this sounds ridiculous, but bear with me, I think I quite like where this is going. I want to have a lot of fun with this story, and I've been meaning to write a humor story for a while now. I hope you guys like it too!



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