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Y/N P.O.V:

My legs started weakening on me, I have never been this scared in my whole life. I don't know but it's like if I hated it and liked it at the same time.

Him turning out to be a demon was a really big shock for me, who thought an innocent cute nerd like him would turn out to be this hot?

I wasn't just scared but angry too, I was so pissed!

His right hand went to my eye bandage pulling it down making my red eye be shown. My breath was so heavy and loud that you could hear it from Narnia.

"Noona is a black flower?" He smiled innocently caressing my cheek.

"J-Jungkook..." I whispered with my weak voice as a tear rolled down my cheek.

He immediately wiped it away as his eyes softened. The sucking on his lip didn't stop. It's like if he was stopping himself from doing something.

"Shhh" He placed his finger on my lips as a little smile curved his pinkish plump lips.

"W-Who are y-you?" I cried out. Duh, he was a snake...

"You don't wanna know..." He whispered.

"A demon? You're a demon, right?" I said making him look away.

"You are from that cruel dirty kind whom I hate the most, right? You are from those who killed my mother when I was in need of her so much, right?" I let my tears out.

"It's not like tha-"

"What are you going to do now? Rape me just like your brother tried to do?" I smiled ridiculously.

"He's not my brother Y/N" He said tightening his jaw.

"You are all the same! You all have the same goal! Is to take that freaking necklace!" I yelled.

"I knew you were a demon Jungkook, but I didn't want to believe it, I didn't want to believe that I fell for a demon!" I cried out. I could see his eye grow big.

"I hate myself when I feel butterflies in my stomach everytime I see you, I hate myself when I doubt the fact that you're a monster that probably doesn't give a shit about me!" I smiled weakly.

"Y/N stop..." He said softly.

"Come on, kill me, drink my blood Jungkook!" I said gulping my saliva.

"You are just a dirty demon that just cares about himself!" I yelled.

"Y/N stop before I'll loose control on myself..." He warned.

"You know, i have never thought I was going to hate you this mu-"

I couldn't finish when he pushed me to the wall pinning both of my hands above my head and crashing his lips into mine.

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