Ozymandias x Reader-Library

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Ozymandias , the rider servant, he has black haired, his eyes are yellow like gold. One of his hobbies is reading, he is a bookworm just like Alice, the caster servant. It's very common to see him reading many books.

Today after clearing daily quest, Y/n the young master is resting in her room. Suddenly, Y/n's brighten  with an idea. She slowly walk out from her room. Seeing that there is no one around here, she begins to rush to the library. She peeks in,again there is no one there. She tiptoes to the last shelf. A bright blue book is placed on the top of the shelf. She frowns, trys to reach but fails. She sighs, and turns away to find someone, Ozymandias. "Ha! You're even  too short to pick a book!" He laughs , Y/n just gives him a death stare. The rider servant seems to realize that his master is not in mood. Ozymandias sighs and walks to Y/n. "Okay. I'll help you just don't give me that stare on your pretty face" Ozymandias mutters, his face tainted with pink. He reaches up, graps the book but stops after he saw the book cover

'Servant x Master- written by Davinci-chan for Y/n'

"Y/n, What is this book!?" The servant nearly exclaims, he starts to open the book but a soft hand stops him. "Give it back!!!" "Not until you explane!" The rider servant holds the book higher than Y/n's hand can reach. "No!!!!" Y/n hits his arm but end up hurt her hand with his armour. "Ouch! That's hurt!" "I barely do anything." Ozymandias sighs. He examines his master's hand. "You are hurt. I'll take you to the doctor."

After bringing Y/n to the doctor, he sits outside the clinic. His attention is on Y/n's book. He opens it slowly.

Y/n walks out from the clinic room with bandages around her hand. She expects that the servant is waiting for her outside. But he is nowhere to be found. She smiles sadly and walks back to her room.

When she reaches her room, she's hugged from behind. "I already read your book. It's look like you have a crush on someone." Ozymandias smiles and whispers in her eyes. "I can make it true. Master." Before Y/n could say anything, she is cut by a kiss on her cheek. Her cheeks are bright red. "Baka!" She pushes him away and covers her face. The servant laughs happily and says "I know you like it." He gives her a smug smile before tilts her face up and closes his eyes. Y/n follows the lead. They share a passionate kiss and pull away. Ozymandias seems to be happy when he sees her shy atitude. His golden eyes never left her face. He brings her hand in his rough hand. "My love is only for you Master Y/n." She's stunned a bit and gives him a shyly smile. "I love you too, my rider servant, Ozymandias"

"Ha.You look so cute when you're  shy"

"Shush it, Ozyman"

"Senpai! Are you sure about dating that rider servant!"

"Mashu, he's not that bad.."

"HaHaHa. I'll tease my little girlfriend everyday"

"I told you so"

A/n: hope he's not too OOC.

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