cuddles and giggles

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Sasuke's POV

Weeks pass by since Naruto's nightmare's and we haven't been going to school lately but I became very affectionate towards Naruto that means hug's, cuddles, and what not.

Right now we were in my room cuddling on my bed as he was purring loudly "wanna go out to Ichiraku's ramen Naru" I asked as Naruto nods happily and we got up out of bed and got dressed and ready to leave the house.

"Sasuke were are you heading to" Itachi asks walking out the kitchen as he was drying his hands "were heading out the eat" I replied "can me and techy come" Kyuubi says getting up from the couch while Naruto started to snicker, "sure" I said while a small smirk "what's so funny Naruto" Itachi asked "nothing....techy" he says while laughing while my brother growled "do be mad" Kyuubi says hugging my brother.

"We'll wait for you guys" I said and held Naruto close to me as we wait for our brother's and held hand's together.

After a while 4 left to get food together as the Uzumaki's stayed beside there mate's as they walked down the street's "hey Kyuubi how's you've been with Itachi?" Naruto asks "techy's great he's kind, loving, though a little over protective but I still love him" Kyuubi says while I only slightly rolled my eyes "how's Sasuke doing for you kit?" Kyuubi asks.

"Sasuke's amazing I love him so much he's sweet, caring, protective, and so much more I cant explain" Naruto says fanboying a bit as he blushed darkly while holding my hand he looked so cute.

"hey Naruto" someone says as me and Naru looked up to see a girl "hey Ayame it's been a while it's been a while" Naruto says as he smiled "yup where have you been" the girl named Ayame asks smiling "stuffs been happening lately but I'm fine now" he says as, he softly tightened his grip on my hand causing me to look at him slightly.

"Alright as long as your fine I'm glad" Ayame says happily as she looked at Kyuubi and Itachi as they were slightly whispering.

"hello" Ayame says smiling "hi" Kyuubi says smiling back "how's your day going" she asks "it's been good he finally let me out the house today" Kyuubi says softly rubbing his belly without knowing it.

"here you guys go" the man says as he places ramen bowls in front of us.

Naruto's POV

I softly smiled at Teuchi as he placed my ramen bowl in front of me and gave Sasuke one and Kyuubi plus Itachi. 

"Istakimatsu" I said happily letting go of Sasuke's hand as he looked at me and said the same thing but quieter and started eating I looked at him but also started eating.

(uh did I say that right

"Awwww" Kyuubi says as I slightly turned my head to look at my older brother who look like he was trying not to smiled "hey Sasuke what do you think of my brother" Kyuubi asked than I felt my face get warm.

Sasuke's POV

'I think I should hold back on what I think of Naruto' I, thought "Naru is really adorable, I love how he has his sweet side's and his dangerous side's" I said though holding back cause I love way more than that "the list goes on" I said as my face was beginning to feel warm.

"What about you Naruto" Itachi asked and Naruto's face went completely red as he was stuttering and just messing up all his word's not able to form the right syllables which I thought was adorable.

"kit are you ok" my mate's brother asks but Naru wasn't responding as he just covered his face so I side hugged him "do you want some water" I said as he nodded and we went on our way.

Once there Naruto had finally calmed down enough to actually speak properly though I love seeing him embarrassed and hope that happens again.

"hello Naruto boys how may I help you today" Ichiraku's says "4bowls of Ramen" he says smiling as the old man nods and goes to the make the ramen as I took Naruto's hand in mine as he looked over at me with a small blush, that was beginning to form on his cheeks.

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