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nightmares return

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Naruto's POV

It's been awhile since the nightmare's went away but now they've come back the one who started it was Sai and it happened in front of everyone Sasuke had to get me sent home early today.

I didn't want to let him go I was afraid that he'd disappear from my grasp if I did.

We made it home but Kyuubi and Itachi weren't home yet which made it worse I needed Kyuubi I wanted my brother to be near me I'm so scared.

"calm down Naru everything is gonna be ok" Sasuke says hugging me close as we were on the couch "n-no it's not" I cried as I lowered my ears cuddling into Sasuke for more comfort and nuzzled his neck it seemed to work a little bit though.

He made a soft grumble noise as my ear twitched softly "Sasuke" I whispered and looked up at him "yes Naru" he replied "do you think HE might come back to get me" I asked worried "he wont and I wont let him no matter what Kitten" Sasuke says, reminding me of the first time we met as I purred softly "it's been so long since I've hear you call me that" I said happily with a small smile on my face.

"it has" Sasuke replied back and kissed my forehead softly  "I remember when you found me in that box out on the street's" I said "ya you were adorable" Sasuke says causing me to blush and I nuzzled his chest calming down a little as I inhaled his sent in.

"my only though for when I met you was 'I have to protect this small kit'" Sasuke says softly holding me close as I purred "hehe really" I only replied becoming sleepy "yup" Sasuke says.

I soon fell asleep in his arms as I listened to his heart beat.



Where am I?

I got up hearing the sound of metal being moved around I was in a dark place....I HATE THE DARK.

"I'm glad you are awake brother" I looked up to see Menma standing at a door way with....SASUKE BY HIS SIDE.

"Menma....Sasuke...what's going on were am I" I asked scared and terrified but they only smirked and walked away "no don't leave me here" I yelled as my master walked into a room but that wasn't it his two dogs, were with him as well so I back up into the corner.

But that all vanished as I crawling water and gasping for air until I see a shadow I looked to see a guy looking down on me as he gave this creepy side ways smile he was holding something behind his back.

"hello pretty fox let's have something to eat" he says darkly I didn't know what he was talking about  but I was hungry but I wasn't sure if I should trust him.

But I nodded anyway "well that's great ONE FOX SPECIEAL COMMING UP" he yelled taking out a butcher nice and swinged it.

Opening my eyes I feel pain and only pain I'm on the ground bleeding badly in my old ceil as the door was kicked in as I only see my drunk master with a goofy grin on his face I squeaked as he only just walked up to me and picked up my face to, looked at him I scrunched up my nose as he reached of Alcohol "don't look like that" master said as he leaned in I knew what he was trying to do so I tried to lean away but I only was against the walk I could lean back any further as he pressed his mouth against mine. 



Third person POV

Sasuke noticed Naruto was shaking and struggling to breath so he started to softly shake him wanting his mate to wake up but he didn't.

The raven was worried about Naruto as he did his best to help him out "Naruto Naruto" Sasuke says as the blond didn't respond as there was only whimpers and short gasps of breath.

The front door opened to reveal Kyuubi and Itachi just now walking to the house.

"what's happened" Kyuubi asks worried as he went over to Sasuke and Naruto who was whimpering "I think Sai triggered something" Sasuke says as he still tried to wake the blond up "here let me try" Kyuubi says as he, sits down and picks up Naruto who doesn't want to let go of Sasuke but after a while he finally did and hugged Kyuubi instantly.

Kyuubi softly purred as he held Naruto close to him "calm down kit everything is gonna be ok" Kyuubi says as he than look up at his mate who sat down beside him "techy could you please get some water for me please" Kyuubi says, as the raven nods "Sasuke try to hold Naruto's hand" the red head says as the young Uchiha nodded and took Naruto's hand but he lets go of Kyuubi and holds only Kyuubi and Sasuke as Itachi walked into the living room.

"how did this happen" Itachi asked looking between the two I tried to only hold his hand but he ended up holding both of us" Sasuke says as sighed.

"p-please........ l-leave m-me.........alone" Naruto whimpered snuggling into Sasuke more and more.

Kyuubi took the cup from Itachi as he started to hand it to Sasuke "here Naru" Sasuke says nuzzling Naruto who slightly opened his mouth as he started to drink the water until the cup was empty.

Sasuke sigh's than the door opened as Menma and Sasukie walked into the house "how's Naruto doing"  Menma asks worried "he hasn't fully woken up yet but will soon" Kyuubi says rubbing Naruto's ears.

"While were waiting for Naruto to wake up tell me what happened" Itachi says taking Menma and Sasukie to the kitchen to talk.

A few hours went by as Naruto started to wake up as he looked around a little but closed his tired eyes and snuggled into Sasuke "wake up Naru please" Sasuke says kissing Naruto's head waking the up more as he looked up at Sasuke, as he weakly smiled "Sasuke" he says softly.

Kyuubi softly smiled.


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