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protective mate

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Itachi is even more protective of kyuubi that he was before not even the red foxes brothers could go near him without being snapped at by the uchiha.

Kyuubi was 6month's pregnant so that might be the case for Itachi's protectiveness.

"Itachi lets go out today please" Kyuubi says as he softly purred "ok we can go" Itachi says as he softly smiled at the fox in front of him.

The couple got up and got dressed hiding there ears and tails than left the house hand and hand "so where would you like to go" Itachi says as he smiled "let's go to the ice cream shop" Kyuubi says as he smiled back "sure" the raven says, leading the way to the ice cream shop while there they got stares from other people some thought it was cute some thought it was weird but they didn't care.

Once there Kyuubi went to go find seats for them while Itachi went to get them some ice cream for there day "hey" someone says as Kyuubi walked to look for a table to sit at ignoring the person, "uh excuse me" the person says again this time earning the red head's attention.

"sorry I didn't notice you" Kyuubi says as he turned around to look at the male who smiled "hello miss" he says making the fox offended "I've noticed you were looking for a table and wanted to help you out" the man, says "no thanks I can handle it myself" Kyuubi says walking away as he put his hand on his belly.

"did I make you made in some way" the guy says "yes" Kyuubi says finding a table and sits down though being careful about the kids that he was bearing "I didn't mean to than I'm sorry" he says until Itachi growled at the guy, who was near Kyuubi but took a deep breath and ordered the ice cream he promised Kyuubi.

"sir what has you all riled up" a male at the counter says as he was fixing ice cream "sorry just I need to get back to my mate" Itachi answered taking his wallet out as he tapped his foot.

"alright well here's your strawberry swirl that'll be 8.99" the man says as Itachi handed him 10 "keep the change" Itachi says taking the ice cream and walks up to Kyuubi "here's your ice cream" Itachi says smiling "thanks techy" Kyuubi says taking the ice cream happily licking.

"may I ask why are you near him" Itachi asked the man who slightly backed up "that's a guy sorry sir" the man says backing away slowly "and he's also with me so back off" Itachi growled darkly as he used sharingan without noticing  it as the male did a 'manly scream' and ran for it.

"techy" Kyuubi says putting a hand on the ravens back "sorry kyu you had to see that" Itachi says "for get that you should of go me two ice cream cones" Kyuubi says crossing his arms over his chest as he made a, little pouty face "sorry kyu I'll get you another" Itachi says but was stopped as the red head hugged him "no it's fine let's just continue on our day" Kyuubi says getting up and kissed Itachi's cheek than they were off.

Itachi kept Kyuubi close to him so no one would get near his mate.

"your being to protective techy at least let me help my brother's out when they need me" Kyuubi says smiling "they have there own alpha's to help them out you don't need to be to stressed out" Itachi says side hugging, Kyuubi who than nodded "but I still wanna help you can still be near but just stop pushing them away" Kyuubi says as the raven nods "alright anything for you" Itachi says causing the fox to softly purr as they walked together as they walked into an ally way.

While doing so they got surrounded by a group as Itachi growled protectively "well well well what do we have here" the leader of the group says with a smirk as Kyuubi back up into Itachi while holding his tummy.

"i think we have a couple boss" one of the females says with a smirk on her face while the rest of the group chuckled.

"I guess your right tarresa cause don't you see one's pregnant" the leader says "i do Danny I do" one of the henchmen says as he smiled "shush bobby" Danny says as he smirked "now sir we mean no trouble just give us what you want and we'll let ya go" Danny says, "ya" Tarresa says smiling.

Itachi only growled as he glared at the man "but if you take our money how am I gonna get feed" Kyuubi says as he whimpered than everyone just looked at him.

"i mean come on I'm more important cause I need to eat" Kyuubi says as he pouted while Itachi rubbed his head and just sighed "I'll take care of them just hold on and we can go eat" Itachi says kissing Kyuubi on the cheek than he glared as his sharingan was activated as he let out a dark growled "so you want it the hard way bring it on" Danny says "lets get'em boys" he says.

Itachi and Kyuubi walked to a restaurant to get something to eat cause Kyuubi was getting hungry again "I'll order you what ever you want ok kyu" Itachi says as he smiled and Kyuubi nods as he smiled "thanks techy" Kyuubi says happily with a bit smile on his face.

As they ate together happily and talked together about baby names together and sometimes head hands when they weren't eating (cause Kyuubi almost bit Itachi's hand off) there date went amazing and also with Kyuubi glaring, at the waitress who was looking at Itachi and Itachi glaring at the waiter who walked near them.

They left for home after there long day.

Once home they saw Naruto sitting on the couch with Sasuke trying to comfort him "what's wrong" Kyuubi asked.


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