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Kyuubi was so nervous he was 5 months pregnant now as he was finally about to tell the boys as he was holding Itachi's hand as he softly rubbed his belly feeling a little scared.

But that's not all he was also going to the hospital to check on the baby to see if it was healthy which he hopped was though he was a little sad cause he felt like he was being a bad mother "it's ok Kyuubi everything is gonna be just fine ok" Itachi says as he kissed Kyuubi on the forehead "b-but what if they don't accept" Kyuubi asks "they will cause they love you" Itachi says wagging his tail.

"o-ok" Kyuubi says purring softly as he was helped off the couch "when we return home they'll be here now lets go" Itachi says as they put on there shoes hid there ears and tails than left the house to go to the hospital.

With Sasuke and Naruto

They were walking down the hall way together until kiba ran over to Naruto  "dude you gotta help me find shino have you seen him" Kiba says worried "what's wrong" "I need to get away from sakura please tell me" "ok check outside somewhere" Naruto says earning a nod from the brunette who ran for it.

"what's up with him" Sasuke asks "he's trying to get away from sakura cause he's already taken" Naruto says as he smiled "by shino" Sasuke asked again as the blond fox nodded his head and smiled.

"how long for" "I think ever since the camping trip maybe" Naruto replies while thinking as he smiled "ok well I have a huge surprise for you once we graduate" Sasuke says as he smirked "really oh I cant wait" Naruto says, as he smiled "well I'll say this don't hide your ears ok" Sasuke says as he smirked as Naruto got a little excited as he jumped up and down happily but calmed down after a while and just smiled.

Sasuke pets naruto's head earning a soft purr "Sasukeeeee-kuuuunnn" someone yelled cause the uchiha to groaned as he turned around to look over at the pinknette who was running over to Sasuke "have you seen kiba I wanna need to talk to him" sakura, says as she smiled and winked making Sasuke internally cringe "I don't know" he says shrugging "what about you Naruto have you seen him Sakura asks as the blond shook his head as the pinknette sighed and ran off. 

Soon Naruto and Sasuke met up with Menma and Sasukie as they were heading home together.

With Kiba and Shino

They sat under a tree together as they smiled "is she still bothering you" shino asks as he looked down at the brunette who nodded "ya she never leaves me alone now it was better off with her chasing Sasuke" Kiba says as he laid his head on Shino's shoulder.

"Would you liked to come over to my house than to get away from her" Shino asks the brunette who quickly nodded as they both got up and started leaving "Kiba-Kun" Sakura yelled as the poor boy jumped as he was picked up by his boyfriend and they left faster than you could say ghost peppers and they didn't look back.

Once fully off the school campus Shino put kiba down so they could both walk calmly together but soon there barking in the background so they both turned around to see Akamaru running over to them "hi Akamaru" Kiba says as he hugs his dog.

With Kyuubi and Itachi

They were happy and waiting as they were finally gonna tell the others about the kids they were gonna have as they had streamers and balloons and cake as they waited and wagged there tails happily.

"I'm so excited Techy" Kyuubi says as he smiled and looked up at his mate who nodded in agreement.

As they waited patiently for there brothers to get here Kyuubi soon holds Itachi's hand as he smiled and the raven smiled back and kissed his mates cheek with a big smile on his face as the door soon opened to reveal the 4 standing, at the door looking again "I'm glad you boys are here" Kyuubi says smiling "uh what's the accession" Sasukie asks "me and Itachi are having...." Kyuubi was cut off by Naruto "kids" the blond says "how you know" Itachi asked confused "Kyuubi smelled pregnant haven't you all noticed" Naruto says, tilting his head in a cute innocent way. 

Kyuubi pouted but nodded anyway "so how many" Menma asks curious as he was closing the door "were having twins" Kyuubi says as he smiled happily wagging his nine tails even more "2boys" Itachi says as he hugged Kyuubi who was smiling.

"that's amazing" Naruto says as his nine tails wagging slightly hitting Sasuke in the back each time until the raven moved away "that's great Itachi" Sasuke says.

"what's wrong Sasuke" Itachi asked going over to his brother "Sakura and Ino" the 4 said at the same time as they looked at there brothers who than nodded "what did they do this time" Kyuubi asked "sakura is still trying to get me jealous" Sasuke says, crossing his arms "she's faking a date with kiba and he doesn't even like her" Naruto says growling slightly "Ino was being a pest like always" Sasukie says "and than there's Sai Ino's annoying boyfriend" Menma growled as he lowered his ears.

"would you guys like some cake and Ice cream to brighten your day" Kyuubi asks  as the 4 nodded "ill right we can watch a movie while doing so" Itachi says and leaves to the kitchen while the 5 went into the living room as Kyuubi starts, to look for a movie they can watch as he picked Voltron though it wasn't really a movie but Kyuubi didn't really mind as he sat down.

Itachi came back with a tray of cake's and Ice cream and sits beside Kyuubi and give everyone there desert while they sat and watched tv.


come up with names for the boys.

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