the 4 that will never care

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After Sasuke and Sasukie found out that sakura had kiba and Ino was gonna take her relationship with Sai to the next level they didn't care nor did Naruto and Menma for that matter because :

1. they hated Sakura and Ino

2. Sai could go do himself

3. Sakura could date who ever she wanted but waited she couldn't cause there was no man who would ever date her.

Kiba was with Naruto complaining about how annoying Sakura was being and how he never really like her and that what she said was a lie and thankfully this was the time Naruto could finally talk again Sasuke was the first person to here his voice, after so long and nearly hugged him to death and never allowed him to be out of his grasp until the poor blond begged the raven to let him go.

"So Sakura basically just told a lie to get Sasuke mad" Naruto asks while kiba nods "yup and besides I'm...already dating someone" kiba says as he started blushing "oh really do tell" Naruto says looking at his friend who blushed even more.

"it's uh....its......Shino" Kiba says turning a dark shade of pink while mumbling his lovers name "it's who Kiba" Naruto pressed on "it's...Shino" Kiba says as his face was now red "I'm sorry I still cant hear you properly" the blond says as he had a sly smirk on his face "IT'S SHINO OK"  kiba says as he than was a red as a tomato while looking at his best friend.

"Alright I hear ya I hear ya" Naruto says as he smiled until the brunette's dog had walked over to them not caring about the schools no pets rule.

"hey Akamaru what brings you here boy" kiba says hugging his dog as he smiled as the began wagged his tail and barked "I gotta go Kiba" Naruto says as the brunette looked at him "why so were not done talking until you tell me who your with" kiba, says "no one bye" Naruto says as he left his friend sitting on the ground with his dog while the blond headed to the bathroom.

The he didn't trust it much cause anyone can walk into the boys bathroom at anytime and anyplace but he needed to relax so he hid in one of the stalls as his tails came out of there hiding and his ears.

"maybe hanging out with kiba for the whole school day was a bad Idea" the blond whispers to himself as he rubbed one of his tails until he head food steps and laughing along with someone else who sounded like a stuttering mess.

It caught Naruto's attention as his ears perked up "I'm sorry guys but I really have anything with me right now just let it slight" the person says "sorry cant do that cause now me and my boys are gonna be hungry for the rest of the day because of you" another person says as Naruto peeked and why wasn't he surprised  to see someone being messed around with.

But the thing is the boy that was being bullied wasn't ordinary at all so it sparked his interest a but so he quickly  his all nine of his tails and lowered his ears as they perfectly blended in with his hair as he pretended like his was using the bathroom earning the groups attention.

Than walked out and pretended to actually be surprised at what he saw "w-what's going on here" the blond said with sarcasm as a group of buff guys looked at him along with a small frail boy.

"non of your business" one of the males said "why is it not I mean it wouldn't be if you weren't trying to be block heads" Naruto says slightly taking the chance on being sassy.

"what did you call us" another one of the males growled at Naruto slightly reminding him of his past but had to push it aside "block heads is that a bad think to say" the blond replies tilting his head.

"you asked for it Bradly take care the little runt" the leader of the group says as so called Bradly nodded and went to Naruto who quickly daubed though he was going to be perfectly fine is said male tried to hit him.

"I'm sorry to be rude.....never mind I'll probably mean it any way so leave his boy alone please" Naruto asks though one of his tails twitched under his shirt as he turned around  to see a fist coming his way as he moved just in time, but something didn't quit seem right with Naruto as he went to the floor earning the 4 peoples attentions as he lowered started whimpering.

With Sasuke he was listening to Sakura talking cause she managed to drag him off somewhere when he felt a certain urge wash over him as he got up "Sasuke where are you going" Sakura asks "somewhere" was all he said before running off somewhere letting his feet take him to his destinations which was the boys bathroom as the lights were off.

Which was weird so he walked as his ears perked up hearing small whimpers and struggled sobs along with confused murmurs "Naruto you in here" Sasuke asks as he found the light switch but the lights wouldn't turn on so he used his phone as a light source.

He saw 3 buff guys 1 small boy and than Naruto was curled up in the corner he was having a episode so the uchiha ran over to the blond "you ok" Sasuke asks as he was instantly in a hug so he hugged back rubbing naruto's back.

"you 4 stand out side right now were going to the principals off" Sasuke growled as he hear running foot steps while he picked up Naruto in his arms and started to walk out were there was more like "come with me" Sasuke say as he glares at them as they quickly nodded and followed the raven but one of them deiced to make a snarky comment on the situation.

Let's just say he gonna be crying soon.


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