new couple comes to the school

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Sasuke, Naruto, Sasukie, and Menma made it to school as they were talking and people stayed out of there way because of a slight aurora that was coming off of them. But they split up to go to there respectful lockers. But soon people were acting weird they seem distracted but Sasuke and Sasukie weren't paying much attention "oh Sasuke" someone yelled out catching the uchiha's attentions as he turned to see sakura, looking over at him as she had a smirk on her face and walked over to him "what is it" Sasuke says looking away cause her perfume was destroying his nose and couldn't bare the sight of her right now "I wanna talk to you during lunch can you make that happen please" sakura says, smiling "why" Sasuke asked "please its something that's super important please" sakura begged.

"fine if you'll leave me alone" Sasuke says rolling as the pinknette cheered and ran off as he looked at his twin "you regret your decision" Sasukie says as Sasuke nods "yes...yes I do" the raven replies.

The twins made it to class seeing Naruto and Menma talking though not actual talking just squeaking and stuff "hey Naruto" Sasuke says earning the blonds attention as he smiled and waved happily.

Sasukie sat down in his chair and smiled at Menma who also smiled back at him.

But there friendly talk was ruined as Ino went over to Sasukie "hey Sasukie can we talk behind the school after lunch" Ino asks while smiling.

Sasukie looked over at Menma "why" he asks "its very important" Ino begs "but if I go who's gonna look after Menma and Naruto" Sasukie says "Sai can look after them" Ino says smiling as both Uchiha's standed up in there chairs  "OH HELL NAW" they both shouted at the same time.

"why not" Ino asks looking innocent.

"cause I don't trust your good for nothing boyfriend." Sasuke says/

"he's a jerk and I wouldn't want him near these two"

"oh come on they'll be find just for today pwease" Ino asks trying to look cute.

Sasukie looked at Menma who squeaked but nodded "are you sure Menma" Sasukie asked as the raven fox nodded his head "alright fine....Ino ill go with you but never again" Sasukie says.

The twins were both angry and ticked off now so there mates had to comfort them which worked as the bell soon ringed and Naruto and Menma returned to there respectful seats.

Soon after about a few minutes Kakashi finally came into the room "sorry class the principle kept me In the office for a short meeting" he lied and set his work down but than see Naruto and Menma "oh welcome back you two how have you been" Kakashi asked, the twin foxes that looked at there mates.

"there doing great Kakashi Sensai" Sasukie says as he smiled nervously as he smiled "really now is that right you two" Kakashi says as Naruto and Menma both nodded "they got strep throat sir" Sasuke says earning a nod, from the silver haired man who than started class.

Naruto handed Sasuke a note that said thank you "your welcome" Sasuke says than went back to work for the day but soon the door opened to reveal sakura which was weird cause she's never late, she always in the class room first think when the bell rings so seeing her late was kinda weird.

(guess whos dating who hehe)

"sakura this is a surprise" Kakashi says looking over at sakura who just smiled and went to her desk right beside Ino who didn't mind at all.

Sasuke didn't care he just went to work.

<time skip brought to you by baby Naru eating a cookie>

It was now lunch time and the group of 4 had to split "be careful Menma and Naruto ok" Sasuke says in a worried voice as Sasukie nods "if Sai tries anything with you two run to get us ok" Sasukie says as Menma and Naruto nodded.

After they were done talking  Sasukie and Sasuke went there different ways while Naruto and Menma went into the lunch room.

They both found Sai who was sitting at the table so they went to get there food first than sat down but on the opposite side of him so they can keep there distance away from the man that they hated and to make things worse there voices haven't returned yet, so they cant talk back to him.

"so Naruto Menma how are you two" Sai says with a sly smirk on his face as the twin looked at each other and just shrugged there shoulders saying they didn't know.

With Ino and Sasukie

Ino was starting to get to close to him as she smiled happily "alright Sasukie thanks for coming" Ino says as she smiled at him "uh your welcome"  Sasukie says as he looked anywhere but Ino as he slightly pushed her back from him, "so what is it" Sasukie asks "there's this thing that's going on and I figured you should know" Ino says with a slight purr in her voice.

With Sasuke and Sakura

"I'm over you know and I now have a boyfriend" Sakura says crossing her arms as she smirked "ok  is that all" Sasuke says putting a hand on his hip as the pinknette looked at him surprised "what your not shocked of angry" "should I be angry" Sasuke asks.

"well that was unexpected at all" Sakura says and slightly pouted "ok uh who are you with now" Sasuke says with sarcasm "I'm dating kiba"  she says with a sly smirk while Sasuke only nodded "alright tha-" Sasuke was cut off as Naruto had hugged him from behind "what's wrong" Sasuke says looking down at the shaking blond who looked up at him with sad eyes "do you know were Menma is" Sasuke asks as Naruto nodded and pointed back in the building "inside or outside" Sasuke asks as Naruto held up two fingers "alright than" the raven says than looked at sakura "look I have no time for you so go back to your kiba" Sasuke says as Naruto was super confused.


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