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Itachi's POV

Kyuubi has been having a lot of mood swings but the one I hatted the more is when he's crying cause it just...I cant handle it.

I love him and seeing him cry I just want to keep him protected and help him threw the pain.

I know my brothers and his brothers are worried and curious about what's going on but I wasn't gonna tell them until Kyuubi was ready which he's not and he's only 3 months pregnant now and he was looking a little chubby, which is really cute "ITACHI" I heard someone yell as my ear twitched and I went into my bed room to see Kyuubi laying on his side looking at me "yes" I answered "come cuddle me please" he begged as I nodded and closed the door and started to go into bed and cuddled him as he soon started, purring loudly and nuzzled my neck while I just wagged my tail.

I loved the needy side of them though cause it made him so cute.....sometimes.....but other than that I like when he's like this but that's not the only thing I like though.

I kissed his forehead softly "I'll always protect you mate" I whispered in his ear "I know you will techy" he says happily and went to sleep not letting go and I was gonna sleep myself until one of my brothers opened the door "Itachi" It was Sasuke, I wonder what he needs "yes Sasuke" I said quietly as to not wake up Kyuubi from his sleep as I felt the bed dip due to Sasuke leaning on it as he whispered in my ear.

"Someone stuffed threat letters in front of our old house there in the living room right now" he whispered and I looked at him "what" I said lowly "you heard me correctly see you later" Sasuke says than leaves the room.

Great now I cant sleep why would there be threat letters at our house I'm gonna have to wait to see them.

Kyuubi started slightly moving around as he whimpered so I kissed his head and hugged him close to me while my mind started to wonder off thinking on what could be going on right now but thoughts questions will be answered later on, when me and Kyuubi get out of bed after a little cat nap.

After a while I had woken up to the world most beautifulest eyes ii have ever seen in my life and they were looking up at me.

"hey sleepy head" Kyuubi says smiling "hey" I replied back and softly kissed his forehead and put my hand on her belly causing him to smile happily but the moment was ruined as there was a knock at the door.

I looked at my mate and he just nodded saying that I could get up but I didn't want to until he literally told me to get out of bed so I got up and went to the door to open it only to see Naruto
"what is it" I asked as he looked down and, started to play with one of his tails a little bit and his ears were pressed against his skull while trying to find the words he was looking for until I saw my brother Sasuke walk up to him and pet his head "we made food you wanna come and join us" he said.

I looked over at Kyuubi who was trying to get up without hurting our baby so I went over to him and helped him up which he was very grateful for.

"sure we can go join you" Kyuubi says  while I nodded and helped him out of bed fully "alright see you in the dinning room" Sasuke says as he left with Naruto while I held Kyuubi's hand and softly smiled at him and he smiled back at me.

"maybe one day we can tell them techy" Kyuubi says as he purred softly as I softly nodded.

Kyuubi POV

I'm so glad techy is so sweet to me no matter what even if I do yell at him and the others at times but I don't mean to ugh stupid mood swings. though I've been less hungry and more active but the stupid doctor doesn't want me to move and travel around he cant tell me what to do only techy can though I hope he takes me outside to day to go and adventure around.

We made it down stairs to the others as we sat down at a table together and I'm glad Sasuke got the hint of giving me less food cause I wouldn't eat the whole thing anyway so I just happily ate my foot and growled at Itachi every time he got to close to me, though I don't really mean it I want him close but not now cause I wanna eat so do disturbing me.

I was the first to finished and went to go get dressed for the day but that was sort of a struggle so I waited for Itachi to help me out a little I can put on my own pants and shirt but I need him to put my shoes on for me.

once he was upstairs he help me put my shoes on while he got dressed I hid my ears and tails away from the human eye so no one knew I was a 9tails than I looked over at my mate who was now fully dressed than we headed out.


The whole day was fun though I got into a fight with a pervert, I yelled at people and Itachi, but soon started crying after and apologized I hid and was super depressed until techy found me and comforted me "I'm sorry techy" I whimpered as, he only hugged me closer "its ok kyu its not your fault alright" he says and kissed my head ya he's definitely the one for me.

We saw the sunset knowing that it was time to go home so we softly kissed and left for home.


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