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Kyuubi's POV

Me and Itachi mated in May 5th.

I got sick around July 4th which sucked cause I wasn't able to fully celebrate due to having to run to the bathroom though I'm glad Itachi stayed by my side the whole time as he held my hair back while I puked all of my freaking insides out.

It's now the 18 and I've been going threw morning sickness and nausea plus I cant eat half of the foods in the dumb refrigerator.

So me and my mate made a check up with the doctor today to see what was going on with me though I was kinda worried and I didn't really trust the doctor much until I found out if was actually one of my friends Rokubi "are you ready for your check up" he asks. (if that's not the gender please tell me).

I nodded and looked Itachi who nodded and held my hand as we entered one of the room "now tell me what's been going on lately" Rokubi asks "not so well I've been nauseous and really sick lately though I'm always craving something" I explained "I see any stomach pains or soreness" he asks "ya I've been sore lately and would rather take short walks instead of jobs or travel far" I replied.

"Alright than I'm gonna have to take some samples though I might know what's going on" after he said that I was still worried I've never felt this sick before in my life but now here I am sick, weak, and craving for a giant ice-cream sundae with chocolate, strawberry, and caramel syrup, with extra whip cream and 6 cherries on top.

After about a few hours Rokubi walked in as he softly smiles "ok so I've got the results and congratulates your going to be parents" he says as I felt scared and lightly peeked up at Itachi who had a look, of surprise on his face until It morphed into a soft smile, that could make a crying baby laugh.

I was glad he wanted to keep the baby "your only 1month pregnant" my doctor says as I nodded "can we go now" I asked "of course you two can just be careful" he warned while me and Itachi both left the hospital I was so, confused right now but I was also really happy cause I was gonna be able to be a mommy yay.

I wonder how the other's would react to this is they found out what if they don't like it and start hating me, what if Naruto stops talking to me of I should thought this threw.

I soon felt a hand on my shoulder as I turned to see Itachi who kissed my cheek "don't worry to much ok stress is not good for you or the baby's health" he says as I smiled and nodded "ok" I replied and reach out for his hand which, he happily took in his own as we walked to the park for a bit were we saw Sasuke and Naruto together we decided to follow them around a bit around the park and nothing seemed wrong though the slight attempts of Naruto trying to hold Sasuke's hand before pulling it away once there, hands brushed the slightest which I thought was cute though Sasuke got into a slight protective mode as someone walked over and started talking to them while my brother cowered behind Sasuke.

This poor cub is trying to recover from a traumatic experience.

I could tell Sasuke was beginning to get fed up with this guy so me and Itachi pretend we just got to the park "Sasuke Naruto" I called out earning the 3 attention as they looked up at me but them my little brother appeared in front of me out of now were and started hugging me.

I could tell Itachi was starting to get ticked so I softly pushed Naruto away from me so my mate wouldn't hurt my brother.

Sasuke didn't seem to like the guy in front of him so I'm guessing there rivals than "Sasuke who's this" Itachi asks pointing to the guy who I now realized to pass as an uchiha if he tried hard enough and looked almost like Sasuke.

"this is Sai we don't come into good terms with each other after the past few incounterments" Sasuke says as he growled at Sai "well I don't like you neither nor do I like your commune look alike" the guy says as a blond girl came running up, to Sai and softly hugged his arm "oh meet this petty ideot her name is Ino" Sasuke than says "I am not petty" Ino yelled at him.

I think us 4 all rolled our eyes at the same time "we don't have time for this" Itachi says as he started to walk away I followed along with Naruto and Sasuke.

"I really don't like that dude" Sasuke admitted out loud "me neither" Naruto says "so why do you hate him so much" Itachi decided to ask looking back at them slightly while I was trying to hold his hand but I couldn't decide if I really, wanted to or not why does this have to be so complicated "I caught him a few times around Naruto in the stale room tormenting him and the blond girl is one of his bullies along with sakura" Sasuke says crossing his arms while Naruto started to slightly nod as I became ticked but calmed down when Itachi held my hand.

I softly sighed and slightly looked back at Sasuke who was petting Naruto they seemed so happy to be together I'm so glad my little brother is happy.

Once home we found Menma and Sasukie laying on the couch together as they were sleeping peacefully so we just walked to the back room to talk  "so Itachi what did the doctor say" Sasuke asks as I slightly tensed, up a little "the doctor said he'd be ok just cant be to active and I have to keep a close eye on him as well" Itachi says squeezing my hand softly.


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