Part 68*

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After saying bye to all of Shravan's friends, Sumo and Shravan head back to the apartment to collect their belongings. Sumo takes on last good look at the breathtaking landscape.

Shravan and Sumo were both exhausted but they had all of their bags left to pack. They entered the apartment and headed straight to their room to finish up all of the packing. Once they were both done, they brought their bags out to the living room and sat on the sofa one last time before departing.

Shravan: I'm glad Papa told me to bring you!

Sumo: Me too! (cuddling with him)

Shravan: (kissing the top of her head) These four days were the best four days of my life. Thank you Sumo, for changing my life.

Sumo: (blushing) Mine too!

Shravan: Ready to head back home??

Sumo: (frowning) No. Let's stay for two more days.

Shravan: That's really not a bad idea. But I have a very special wedding to plan and a very special girl, I want her to feel like a princess the day she gets married. So I'm going to have to return back home as soon as possible.

Sumo: And what if I asked you who this very special girl was??

Shravan: Well, she is the most beautiful person on the surface of the earth. Her eyes are prettier then the moon. Her cheeks are softer then feathers. And her lips.......her lips as sweeter then honey. Her hair flows perfectly on her back like waves in the oceans. Her smile is more magically than the sunset and her heart is my home.

Sumo: (blushing) How can you love someone so much Shravan?

Shravan: Loving is like breathing Sumo. The day I stop, I will die. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up every morning with you in my arms and I want to go to sleep every night the same way. I don't want anything more than you. And if I had to give-up everything I have right now, for you, then without wasting another second I would.

Sumo: I would do the same for you Shravan. I love you. And you have no idea how much I have waited, in these ten years, to hear these words from you.

Shravan: Sumo? (running his fingers through her hair) 

Sumo: Hummm??

Shravan: What do you want? When we get married, I have to give you something. What should I get you??

Sumo: I want your heart Shravan. (putting her hand on Shravan's heart) 

Shravan: How can I give you something I don't have. You stole my heart ten years ago Sumo.

Sumo: Shr---------


Shravan gets up to pick up his phone which is ringing. He sees that it is from India but it's a private number. Shravan looks at Sumo who has a confused expression on her face and then picks it up.

On the phone.

Shravan: Hello?

Caller: Hello? Is this Mr. Shravan Malhotra?

Shravan: Yeah, who is this?

Caller: Mr. Malhotra, I am calling from the Delhi Local Jail. I believe you have a prisoner being held captive here.

Shravan: JAIL?!

Sumo hears the word jail and immediately stands up and goes by Shravan, holding his hand.

Caller: Yes, we have Aditya Ahuja here.

Shravan: (gritting his teeth) What about him?!!

Caller: Well, he tried to escaper earlier today but luckily we caught him.

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