2 - Vera

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Dane took a moment to open the PDF of the last resume.

The last one.

If this one was as bad as the others, Dane might as well not get an assistant. Assistants were supposed to make his life easier, but within the last six months, Dane had been having a hard time. He had found that the five assistants in the last six months hadn't been able to make his life easier. However, things hadn't gone so well interviewing for the next assistant. He had lost most of his hope of getting a good assistant.

He missed his last good assistant, Kyle. He and Kyle had formed a bond that no one else understood, the bond between a good assistant and boss. Kyle knew what he needed before Dane himself knew what he needed. However, Kyle moved and Dane lost his good assistant.

Dane never would've admitted it to himself, but he wasn't looking for a "good" assistant, he was looking for a qualified assistant. There were only three so far who had any experience in sales, which was what he needed. He wanted his assistant to be over-qualified, to have had at least a year of sales experience. Not to mention, he denied anyone that hadn't been to an Ivy League school, which none of them had so far. However, he didn't need to worry about being a picky person because he could afford it.

He'd been so buried in his thoughts he'd hardly looked at her resume before she walked through the door with Faelynn, the receptionist. She absolutely took his breath away. She awakened something inside him, and it alarmed him. He was just going to have to compress it, just like the way he compressed everything else.

He nodded to Faelynn, a sign they both understood as 'you can go now' and asked Evergreen to sit down. For the first time since getting her resume, he noticed her last name.


He knew he should've looked at the resumes beforehand. Faelynn had chosen the most qualified applicants to be interviewed, so he didn't have to worry about it at all. All he had to do was open up their resumes five minutes before they came in and ask them to describe more about themselves. It hadn't crossed his mind that a Vanderbilt would ever try to get a job at his company.

Personally, he had nothing against the Vanderbilt family, but professionally, that was a different story.

The Vanderbilt's had been his competition for years. Decades. Luckily, Vanderbilt Co. had recently been outed for its 'secretive shipments', which Dane had known about for years. Fortunately, it gave Radcliffe Inc. a good name.

Vanderbilt Co. was once known for its furniture. If anyone had furniture with the Vanderbilt Co. label, they were rich. Everyone was dying for Vanderbilt Co. furniture, but when a higher up employee started shedding light on the shadows, otherwise known as the shipments they preferred to keep secret, people started to question how Vanderbilt Co. got all of its money. Hardly anyone wanted to be known as having Vanderbilt Co. furniture anymore; they wanted Radcliffe Inc. furniture.

Still, Dane knew Vanderbilt Co. could've bounced back from this. Now he couldn't help but wonder whether this beautiful girl sitting before him was a spy. He had heard himself say, "So you worked for Vanderbilt Co.?" after he glanced at her experience. Two years. A business degree from Harvard. Wow. He couldn't help but stare at her luscious lips, bright red from the lipstick she had put on that morning. Not only was she beautiful, but she had the experience needed to be his assistant.

Everything in his mind told him to give her the job right then and there, but he knew he couldn't at the same time. When she had stopped talking about her experience at Vanderbilt, he heard himself speak.

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