Three thousand, nine hundred and fifty-eight miles below the surface:

        "Hey James somethings wrong over here"  yelled one of the workers, just as bolts started to pop off of the boilers . From where James was standing on a platform above he already  knew it was hopeless. They had been patching the machines that kept the earth in orbit around the sun for years , but after so long of patching there finally comes a time when ther is just not enough left to patch.

    In the instant he thought that he was running to the big red 'PANIC'  on the control panel next to him. As he hit the button the alarm went screeching through the facility. Red warning lights flashed and above all of the of the noise a monotone voice saying "EVACUATE IMEDIATLY" . As the rest of the workers scatered to the elevators up to ground level, James grabbed the emergency phone and called up to the surface " Mr. President its happened. The machines have stopped working we have to evacuate Earth imediatly. We have less than tree days before the earth falls in to the sun. As it is, by the end of the day we will wont have gravity, the end of tomorrow re will stop to rotate, and by the day after that the earth will have dropped in to the sun.

       You must order an evacuation of all of  the United Continents, Sir." . After he quickly got  off of the phone with the President. He ran down the corridoor, as the boilers lost pressure the Earth would lose orbit so, with in five minutes of pushing the "PANIC" button a saftey feature wold be enabled, in the hope of giving the population a little extra time, that would close the elevators and all doors between here and the surface. As he skidded around a corrnor he ran into a huge door marke "Project X"  the top secret power source for the whole fascility, few knew it exsisted, fewer knew where it was housed.This huge door was where he was headed he used his key , and scaned his iris to get the door open. He grabbed "Project X" an ran for the evelators he need to get this to the surface be fore the door sealed to help power the evacuation ships. That when he heard it. Doors on the far end of the corridoor slamming shut. He had mere seconds to get to the elevators. He ran closer and closer and made a dive for the elevator. Right as the last air lock door slamed he sat upright in the elevator clutching "Project X" to his chest.

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