Chapter 10

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"Um should we go visit Alex?" Olivia asked trying to break the silence. "I guess so" Cragen responded. They all were wondering the same thing why didn't Alex come forward. They know they hadnt seen each other in a long time but they thought she knew to go to them if she needed.

Olivia and Elliott knocked at the front door. Two bleach blonde heads came up peaking to see who it was. The two detectives flashed their badges. "Mommy" they kids ran to their mother. "The police guys are here"

Alex came around the corner with another kid on her hip so fast almost hoping it would be them.

"Liv, El, come in don't be silly" Alex said pushing the toys away. "Kids" Alex said trying to find an excuse for the messy house. "Tell me about it" olivia answered back. "You have kids?" Alex asked Olivia. "Yea, a little girl named Paisley." "Awe wonderful, whos the dad? Alex asked not knowing.

"Well actually thats part why im here" olivia said still in the door way. "Ya see about 5 years ago i was raped, i got pregnant and had Paisley. Then a few weeks ago a man broke in to my apartment and raped me. We found your DNA on the knife." Alex stood there looking blankly at Olivia. "Where? Where did he cut you" Olivia asked as Elliott was walking away"

"Almost everywhere, but he wrote '4 down 2 to go' on my thigh leading up." Alex answered without a bit of shame.

"Ok good, he raped me Amanda Rollins, Dani Beck and know you, were gonna find him, i promise." Olivia said hugging the blonde.

The whole squad was invited to stay for dinner with their kids. Alex had twins 9 years old one boy named Brian and a girl named Alexandra but almost everyone called her Ally for short. She had a two year old girl named Caitlyn.

They were all playing in Alexandra's purple and blue painted room. They all got along fairly quickly after knowing each other for only a few hours. They were playing hiding and seek with their nerf guns Alexandra, Paisley and Dickie were hiding in the finished basement when the door had a note slipped under it that read ' what do all you detectives gather to plot how to kill me, you gotta be more quiet about it'

They three kids came flying up the stairs at the note. "A-a man came to the door a-and left a n-note" Alexandra said out of breath. Elliott and Fin stood up at the words man came to door".

By the time they were out side he was gone. Everyone went to Casey's for the night because she had the second biggest house in fear of the attackers.

Lizzie, Maureen, Cathleen and Cathy slept in one room while Dickie,Eli and Elliott slept in another. Paisley,Ally and Caitlyn slept in the bunk beds and Olivia and Alex slept on the floor, Fin slept on the couch and of course Casey got her bedroom with Taylor. Munch went to work because he needed paperwork to be done.

The next morning it was Monday so everyone had work and school. Kathy was walking to work. All of the sudden she was pushed into an alley. "Please dont hurt me" she cried knowing what was coming next. "Im not hurting you im hurting Elliott, he doesn't work there anymore and hes one of tje best detectives there. Thats why they are gonna find me" he grunted. Then began on her.

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