•--Heat of the Moment--•

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Heat of the Moment blasted throughout the dorm room, contrasting greatly to the silence of the night. Castiel flew out of bed with his arms raised, expecting to see the void of a pistol staring at him. Sam lay on the floor, entangled in blankets. Booming laughter spilled out of Dean, and he switched off the Asia song. "Mornin, Sunshines! It's the first day of Hell!"
He said, stifling back laughter.
"God damnit, Dean. You scared the crap out of me." Sam glared at him, and Cas groaned and walked into the bathroom, purposely stepping on Dean's boot- encased toes. "You suck, you know that?" Cas said, annoyed. "Yeah, yeah. All in a day's work. Well, I'll see you guys later. Said I would meet up with Luci." Dean dismissed. He left the messy dorm room with a grin still lingering on his face.
  Castiel changed into a button- down shirt and weathered jeans, not bothering to avoid Sam's gaze. Sam dressed in a flannel and jeans, and throwing a bottle of coffee at Cas, collapsed into his bed. "Are you ready?" He said with a tone of mock happiness. "Yes, actually! I can't believe we're in college. Seems like yesterday I was playing soccer with you two assbutts." Sam chuckled at his insult. Assbutt was a substitute for a well- known curse word that the trio often used.
  "Well of you're so eager, let's get going!" Sam stood, grabbing his backpack and his phone. Cas nodded and followed, pausing to check his phone screen. "Anna hasn't replied?" Asked Sam, noticing the movement. "Nope. Thought she would... you know, patch it up." Cas said awkwardly. Anna and Cas were dating- but after a fight, they seemed to by holding onto each other by shoestrings.
  Sam gave Cas a reassuring smile before walking down a hallway to his lawyering class. Students swarmed tiredly around Cas as he searched for his writing class, when he noticed Dean's backpack ahead of him. "Hey Dean!" He reached forward and grabbed his pack, pulling him backwards to Cas. "Hey Cas, guess what? First day and I'm already invited to a party!" He grinned, flashing a look at Cas. "Already? Sweet! May I come?" He asked, trying to keep his excitement down. "Course, Assbutt."
  Dean was the kind of person who craved the party scene. He loved the drinks, the girls (and boys), and the noise. Cas had never been to one. Each time he was invited, his brother would say no. Gabriel said he would only get wasted and heartbroken, although Cas knew the tricky guy was similar to Dean. Sam always felt awkward there, being taller than most college students. Hell, most people. So now that Cas was no longer constricted, he would love to finally get some excitement.
  The two boys went their separate directions, Dean to a mechanics class. Cas scurried into his classroom at the last second, taking a seat next to a red- headed girl. She seemed to be immersed in her book, brown eyes leaping from word to word. Cas leaned back in his chair, relief flooding his senses. Thank god for Asia songs and annoying friends.

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