Chapter 04: All the Characters Suddenly Have Frequent Occurrence

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I was feeling a bit uneasy.

The person sitting across from me was wearing the legendary kind of Phnom Penh glasses, gentle eyes with a mouth that seems to emit a faint smile.

I carefully stared at his mouth, which has fine smile marks.

I suddenly thought of the president.

This kind of serious people like him should not easily get wrinkles, but I then remembered there are deep lines between his eyebrows.

"Are you in a daze again?"

The other man smiled and asked me.

I immediately got back to my senses and said embarrassingly: "I'm thinking of how to spend those hundred dollars."

He laughed heartily and said: "Do you want me to help you spend it?"

"You're currently helping me spend them." I growled.

He smiled, then called for a waiter before asking me: "What do you want to eat?"

He had dragged me into a homemade restaurant, I took a look around first, then came up with a conclusion that I should be able to afford the food here.

I said to him: "Up to you, I'm the one treating you."

He did not ask me further and went ahead to order a few dishes. From hearing the names they seem to taste good.

While we were waiting for our food, he took the initiative to take out his business card and handed it to me.

I looked down at it.

Yang Jian...

"Right now, you must be thinking of Erlang Shen[1] or Xiao Tian Quan[2], right?"

I laughed out loud: "Good name."

I carefully read the name of the company on the business card, whoa, a very famous consulting firm.

He stretched out his hand with his palm facing up, squinting his eyes and said: "Yours."

I took out my business card and handed it to him.

He raised an eyebrow: "Wang Shou really are working at Hao Xing company." He put away the business card in his wallet and then smiled at me. "Currently our company is helping Hao Xing to check out the prospects in the new IT hardware market. I participate in the project, so I often come to Hao Xing."

I nodded. I have heard about it. The higher ups seem to put great importance on this new product, the marketing department has been scurrying around the company all day, seeming to be in a rush.

But it has nothing to do with me, I only need to to make sure the company is running smoothly in the background.

"Therefore, I'll have a lot of chance to see you these days."


I was shocked, how has things suddenly turned to this?

"General Affairs Department. Next time I come to Hao Xing, I'll look for you there." He smiled.

...We haven't finished with this meeting, and he has already arranged the next meeting?

I got speechless.

Our food was being brought up and Yang Jian said: "I don't know if they'll fit your appetite, I ordered a few dishes I thought would be to your liking."

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