Chapter 03: Meeting the Handsome Man Again

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Translator: Miyuki 

Proofreader: Sapiosexual

Sometimes life is really strange.

In what kind of place you'd meet what kind of person, no one can have an answer to that, but only time can tell you the meaning of the person you have encountered.

Since the day I coincidentally encountered the company's president, my life carried on as usual, as plain as every passerby. There is no book or any TV series describing the life of the passerby in details, but everyone needs to eat to live.

The office in the General Affairs Department has always been messy.

I had just got off the call complaining about the dirty toilet, when I soon received a phone call about the company's car getting crashed in an accident.

What kind of idiot drives the company's car as if he is driving a race car!

Day after day, the office gets busy with those trivial works, and sometimes when the workers are too busy, I would have to take on their job. I think I've become a multi-functional all-around talent as I take on the job of electrician, cleaner, chef, and security.

......Unfortunately, talent like myself is currently not being appreciated.

At noon, I went with a group of young and old people in the General Affairs down to the cafeteria.

From this point of view, the General Affairs seems to be very united.

However, the aunties and ladies around me began to bombard me.

"Xiao Wang ah, you're not that young anymore, why don't you a girlfriend?"

Uh yeah, why? Because I'm a gay, ah.

Of course, people will someday learn to grow up, so I cannot keep on using that English sentence with an extra A as my reply. If one does not have a heart disease, then my answer will definitely cause the person to have a heart attack.

I put up a smile on my face and said: "I don't dare get one since I haven't saved enough money, don't want to make my partner suffer."

A slightly older girl covered her mouth and laughed: "A responsible young man like you would make me feel relieved, I'll introduce some good girls to you some day."

......Me being like this is called digging my own grave.

{Translator's Input: Being like this, he means using the excuse of saving up money before getting a girlfriend to cover up for his sexual orientation. That is like him digging his own grave, instead of getting to be set up with men. These aunties and older ladies would try to set him up with more girls, which he dislikes LOL}

I don't understand why the women of this age like to play matchmaker, it seems this plot appears often in those TV series and romance novels; women are really amazing creatures.

The staffs from the General Affairs having lunch together in the cafeteria often would get some special treatment here. We would have extra meat in our order, but it can't be helped since the kitchen also is being managed under our department.

We at e while watching the TV in the cafeteria which was replaying the lottery show from last night.

I was a bit surprised, because I normally would read the lottery result on the newspaper, but today I didn't have a chance to look at it yet, and this just came at the right time.

It was obviously just a replay, but the atmosphere here felt really tense, everyone seemed to be staring at the TV.

Anyway, I won't have my share in this luck, I muffled.

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