I've always felt like Cato and Clove have been misunderstood. When I first read the Hunger Games I felt like they were something along the lines of "Unknown Lovers" or something like that. And when I watched the movie, I felt like they tried to portray Cato and Clove as not having many feelings at all (which is good for an about 2 hour movie), but I feel like their feelings and thoughts were much more complex than "kill. must win." 

So anyway, I decided to start wrtiting a Hunger Games Fan Fiction that's in Cato's perspective, with my friend Izzy. Hope you like it! (The Prologue isn't good- just keep reading after it XD) 



A proud mother stood in front of a group of men. In the center of a school. A place hidden from most places. A place where, if you looked through your nearest window, would be certain children sprinting, jumping, slicing, shooting.

In her arms was a small boy. A baby boy, not crying, but staring with his wide, blue eyes, at the men that were staring right back. His eyes were warm, yet it was like he could already think, even just being a newborn.

One man spoke up. “You see your son as fit?” he asked.

The mother smiled. “Indeed. His father was strong. A strong victor for the Careers.”

“And you?”

“I’m a manager for the masonry,” she whispered.

“Ah, so a clever woman, correct?”

“I suppose,” she said hesitantly, suddenly feeling like she was regretting her choice and wanting to keep her boy safe. Yet, she didn’t want him to be suffering in the masonry either. Or making weapons.

The man approached the woman holding the boy. He took  the boy in his hands, nodded slightly at the mother, and turned away. He began to walk to the door, leaving into the so called “school.”

The mother suddenly cried out as tears came to her eyes. “Wait!” she yelled. “I don’t want to! This isn’t what we agreed on! I thought I could be with him!”

The man turns to give her a dark stare. “Too late now, he’s ours,” he hissed.

That would change the young boy’s life forever.

And he would never see his mother again.

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