Chapter 02: A Raven Hair and A Blonde Hair

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I have what you would call the Monday Syndrome.

I really don't want to get up, I'd rather stay being lazy in bed, but I have to get up, otherwise I will never be able to pay off my mortgage loan.

I always regret it when I stay in bed for five more minutes of sleep because to sleep five more minutes more or less makes no difference; even knowing this I still won't get up until the last minute.

I hurriedly finished my morning routine, then I squeezed my way through a group of women wearing high heels to get onto the bus. It is a proven fact that suit shoes are always better than high heels, because I have realized getting stepped on by high heels is much more painful than being stepped on by suit shoes, really it is an unforgettable memory.

Therefore I followed the principles of a gentleman: ladies first, yet in the end, I became like an ad flyer posted on the bus door.

Since the bus station is named after the company I work for, after I stepped off the bus I had already arrived at the front of the building I'm working at.

Every time I hear the automated electronic voice announcing: We've arrived at Hao Xing building, I always feel very proud.

I walked into the company with a proud mood and am usually greeted by an acquaintance with: "Xiao Wang, your hair today is as messy as it is beautiful, just like always."

Even though I'm already 26 years old, people still call me Xiao Wang. Moreover, this messy hairstyle is the result of me squeezing through a bunch of people on the crowded bus; it has nothing to do with me.

I looked at my watch, soon it would be the working hour. I quickly walked to the staff elevator and saw the elevator door was about to close. I quickly ignored my image by biting on my ID with my lips and dashed my way to the closing elevator; right before the elevator door shut completely, I inserted my foot in between the closing doors.

The elevator doors opened and I ignored the crowded elevator, I was smiling as I walked in, I pushed and shoved until I found myself a place to stand. Then I calmly pressed on the close button.

Damn, my foot hurts.

Right when the elevator door almost closed, it was opened once again.

What the heck? Won't you let people to go to work ah? It's almost the working hour.

I was complaining inside my heart, I definitely would not admit that I just did the same thing earlier.

The door slowly opened and I saw the president's face.

I must still be dreaming, last night I must have done too many indecent things with his photo.

As the result he looked at me with his brows puckered together.

I don't know why the president is always putting up that cold front and doesn't like to smile; even on the photos on my laptop, I've never seen him smile.

Slender eyes, prominent straight nose and thin lips. Well, allow me to use an old saying to describe his looks: Simply, the president looks really cool.

"The private elevator is broken, is anyone here from the General Affairs Department?"

I was startled as I stared at the president's secretary. She was pressing the button of the elevator with her hand to keep the door open, so she could tell the appropriate information to the people in the elevator.

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