{6} How To Save A Life

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6. Watering the Flowers

After that day Josh was really upset with losing her. He himself didn't smile much, also with knowing what really happened to her. He had judged this girl so much when she first came. He knew nothing.

A couple days after her crying in his room he was at school and Jenna approached him.

"Hey Josh."


"Listen, I've been thinking. I want to get back together. The whole thing with you spending too much time with Hope; that was just me over-reacting. I'm sorry." She smiled hopefully at him.

He thought about it. The way things went with Hope he knew there was no chance in the world with her. She was right, she was really broken. He would have helped her, but he can only do that if she's willing to accept it. She wasn't. He also still had feelings for Jenna. Just because he had a crush on another girl doesn't mean his feelings are completely gone. He sighed. "How about we talk about it over dinner?"

She smiled happily at that. "Perfect."

He smiled back at her and went to class.


Hope sat down with her lunch and she couldn't help but see Josh. It was raining hard outside so she decided to eat inside today. She watched as Jenna came up and they started talking. She felt a pang of jealousy. But she knew it was for the best. He deserves someone that isn't so screwed up. She watched as she smiled, then he smiled. 'So they're back together.' She thought to herself. She had seen enough scenes like that to know.

She got up and threw away her trash. Things had been different between her and Josh. They knew enough about each other to know what to write though, so they didn't need to hang out after school anymore. Just during class they would ask the occasional question. That was about it.

Finally it came when they had to turn in their essays. She wrote hers pretty typically. She tried putting emotion into it, but it was a little difficult for her.

She had asked the teacher a couple weeks earlier about the poster thing and she had said that her and Josh were exempt to the rule. So she just had to turn in her essay. She handed it in and took her seat. It's been a couple weeks and Jenna and Josh are definitely back together. One thing that's weird to her is that she always catches him looking at her.

She just looks away and pretends like it doesn't matter. She goes home every day and Mary has noticed she's been a little more depressed than usual. And that's saying something.

Finally it was Saturday and bi-weekly yard work day. Hope was always exempted from helping but this week Mary came to her room. "Hey, Hope. Can you do me a huge favor?"


"I need you to water the flowers in the front of the house."


Hope had decided to wear shorts because it was a little warm, and all her sweats were in the wash.

She grabbed the watering can and walked to the front of the house to water the flowers. The minute she walked outside she caught eyes with someone she didn't expect, but should've. It's yard work day. That means Josh is helping mow the lawn.

She stood there for half a second then began to run back inside. "Hope, wait!" He called after her.

Strangely she stopped. "What?" She turned back around.

"I want to talk to you."

"So talk."

"Are you actually mad?"


"You are!"

"No I am not!" She turned away from him.

"Come on Hope! Listen." He touched her arm. She flinched away.

"Sorry. Listen, I want you to know something?"

"And what's that?" She snapped.

"I really like you."

"I don't want to hear this! We've talked about it!"

"No you just ran out of my room thinking that I couldn't handle someone like you, but you don't even know that!"

"I do! There's so much to me that would send a guy running to the hills."

"You don't know that! I'm already in the hills, so I can't go running there. I'm not like that other guy that 'couldn't handle' you."

She sighed, "You're with Jenna."

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, well about that. She broke up with me again."


"She's extremely picky and difficult sometimes. She seemed to like another guy more."


"Yeah." He moved closer to her tentatively, "So, I'm wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me?"

"You're asking me on a date?"


"You haven't even seen me smile."

"Yeah, well I'm 'hoping' it will happen soon."

Then it happened. Hope smiled at him. It wasn't a big toothy grin, but it was a small sweet smile, and it was genuine. "Yes."

Then she realized that she had been standing there in shorts the whole time. With her scars extremely visible. "Crap!" She said and ran back inside.

"What's the matter?" He asked running after her and catching her arm.

She looked down, not wanting to look in his eyes. "My scars." It came out as a whisper.

"What scars?" He asked. He was trying to play dumb, like he didn't see them.

"These ugly ones on my legs!"

"They aren't that bad Hope."

"Yes they are. They're awful."

"Listen to me." She looked up at him. "No, they aren't."

Then again she smiled. He leaned in a little, but she stopped him. "Not yet."

"Alright." He did however caress her cheek before he left and went back to work on the lawns.

**Yay. Lol. What do you think. I know things may seem like they're going a little fast. This was kind of an experimental story anyways lol Hope you liked it anyways.

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