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Epilogue; Chapter 1: Mother

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     I'm the youngest in my family

I'm the youngest in my family. I'm also my parents' third daughter. Now my family is only the most beautiful eevee family in the whole world. My parents have won many competitions, and are known globally for their beauty. Both my parents are Sylveons but only my father is a shiny. Which makes him unique, unlike me. I'm just a regular old eevee, at least that's what he tells me. But he's not important. My mother, the light of my darkness, she's more than important. She's the meaning to my life. She's the only one who cares for me, besides my owner who feeds me. But he can be mean at times. Mother is an angel. She'd sing to me at night, and when I wake up. But I can tell she seems sad. Whenever I'm around her ears go little low, but then she puts a smile on her face. And I knew I was her favorite out of all my siblings. She loved me.


"Frolic. Come her sweetie." She called. "Coming mommy!" I said, running to her. "Easy there pumpkin." She said, laughing a little. "Anyway, me and daddy are going to a competition. I wanted to tell you that in person before I leave." She said, as one of her ribbons caress me cheek. "When are you leaving?" I asked. "Tomorrow, at dawn." She said. "How long will you be gone for?" I asked. "That I'm afraid I don't know. But I know you'll be okay." She told me. "But..." "I told your brothers not to bother you." She said. "Okay. I'll miss you mommy." I said, rubbing my forehead on her chest. "I'll miss you too." She said, kissing my forehead. "Pearl! Come here this instant!" Owner called. "Bye sweetie. Love you." She said, walking to our owner. I was gonna say I love you back but I saw her getting whipped by our owner, so I decided not to. Or else I would be the one getting punished. As night rolled in by it was time to sleep. Mommy came in to visit me before she slept. "Come here Frolic." She called, as I walked to her. She then rapped me up on her ribbon and cradled me.

"It's time to sleep Frolic

"It's time to sleep Frolic." She cued. "Sing me a song mamma. Then I'll sleep." I said. "Okay." She said. Her voice was angelic. I've been so lucky to have a mother like her. I would never want to replace my life if it meant I couldn't see her again. I loved her with every last bit of me. After all... she is my mommy.

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