chapter 14

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Short chapter and a time skip
Sophies pov
Soon weeks turned to months and months turned into years and they had just gotten their matchmaking scrolls. Sophie was sitting in everglen with fitz right beside her, dex beside biana, and keefe on the other side of biana.

"Ready?" keefe asked looking at the anxious faces around.

"3," biana started.

"2," dex spoke next.

"1," fitz said louder than dex.

"Open!!" sophie yelled tearing into the scroll. She skimmed the list for fitzs name until she saw her number 1. Sophie felt somebody look at her and she turned her head to fitz. Their eyes locked and they both knew who they had gotten near the top. Sophies heart pounded as he transmitted to her.

You are my number 1

His crisp voice echoed through her head as she hugged him. She felt him hug her back as they hugged in silence.

You are my number 1 too

Her smile only grew as they hugged. Nobody really talked when they exchanged scrolls.

Fitz's pov
After Dex and Keefe left and when Biana went to her room he tackled Sophie in a huge hug. For him it was a huge stress taken off his shoulders. He wanted her to be on his list, if she wasn't on this list than he would request the next. If she wasn't on any list he would break the rules for her. He loves her and would do anything for her.

"Is it a good thing that you guys are hugging?" Della asked as she cam into the room.

"Yes." he watched her smile as she left the room probably to talk to Alden. Fitz felt Sophies heart beat against his chest. She looked at him with her big warm eyes with a huge smile on her face. Tomorrow he would be graduating from the elite levels, and Sophie will be graduating from foxfire. She had decided to go into the elite levels. They would soon be able to be together without the other in school.

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