1853 Brighton, England

It was a warm spring day as four children played tag in the English garden of the Viscount Rolantry's country estate. Two of them looked identical with their black curly hair, deep violet eyes, and pale white skin, except one was a boy and one was a girl. The third child was a fair-haired boy with remarkable brown eyes and slender build. The fourth boy, with black hair and matching dark eyes, was not from England but was visiting while his French father conducted business.

"I caught you, Mags," the dark-haired boy, Randall, yelled at his twin sister, using the nickname he had given her.

Sulking, the petite Margaret complained, "Randall, you promised you would try to catch Henry first."

Margaret tried to pull free from her "captor" but was unable to break loose and screamed, "Help me, help me," knowing that one of the other boys would come to her rescue. For even at that age of eight, men fell at Margaret's feet.

"I demand you release the lady at once," yelled the French boy, Pierre.

"I will save you, my love," the fair-haired Henry cried out as he rushed up and stood between the twins, wooden sword in hand. "On guard, you scallywag. Unhand the princess at once," Henry taunted.

"You cannot have her. She is mine forever," returned Randall, as he pulled his own wooden sword free from his waistband and swung it at the other boy.

For several moments, the three boys play-fought around Margaret with their wooden swords until Henry grabbed Margaret's arm with his free hand and said, "You are wrong. She will be mine! I am going to marry her one day."

Everyone froze for a moment as all the boys, with the exception of her brother, were smitten with Margaret, but none of them ever discussed it.

The twins looked at each other with wide eyes, and then laughingly, they said in unison, "Ewwww!"

Both nodded, not needing to talk of their plan, then bolted in opposite directions.

Heartbroken, Henry hung his head and walked over to the tree nearby. He leaned against it in discouragement.

Margaret turned to see if any of the boys were chasing her and realized Henry was upset. She went to stand next to him and gently put her hand on his arm, asking, "What is wrong, Henry? We were just playing."

He looked up to meet her eyes and said with sadness, "You are never going to love me like I love you, are you, Margaret?"

"Do not be silly, Henry. You will always be my best friend."

He looked at Margaret and knew that would never be enough.

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