Part 4

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(Bijolia is a small province under Mewar and Rao Mamrakh punwar was the person responsible for that province known as 'samant' of that province)

On 20st May 1540,
At Mewar's royal palace,
The ceremony was about the begin, the king  and queen was getting ready in their respective rooms when 2 guards asked for permission to enter their rooms respectively.

They both have the message that Rani Hansabai and Samant Rawat Singh Choudhary  of bejolya ( a province under Mewar) have come to the gate of the palace and can be inside anytime.

Hearing the words they both dressed up in the speed of the wind and were present on the gate to welcome their childhood friends.

Their eyes were searching for their friends but they both were not there.Suddenly Maharani Jaivantabai saw Rani Hansabai and said ...

Maharani J: here they are...

They greated each other and came inside.They has some random talks and then the ceremony began.

Preist: (chanted some mantras and) Maharanisa say the name of the prince in his right ear 3 times and then announce it.
Rani J:(she whispered the name in the child's right ear and ) The name of the prince is KUVAR PRATAP SINGH RATHOD!!!

All the guests together said
Kuvar Pratap ke Jai! Jai!

After the ceremony ended Maharani Jaivantabai was in her room and then Rani Hansabai stood on her door.

Rani H: Maharanisa can I come in?
Rani J: Hansa!( Short name ,only Rani Jaivantabai would call her by this name as they grew together an were best friends). From when did you need permission to enter my room. Come ,sit.
( They both sat on the couch)
Rani J:we have met after soo long.
Rani H:Yaa almost after a year, and so much things have changed .
Rani J: yaaa. But our friendship has not changed even a bit.
Leave all this. We have met after soo long,I want you talk to you .
Rani H: Ok,Ok!I am present here for u only.
(They chit chatted for hours and then in the evening Rani Hansabai and Samant Rawat Singh left for bejolya.)
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