Won't you carry me to the end?

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My eyes widen, and my breath quickens. I walk down the hall, toss the bra in my room, then proceed to run down the first flight of stairs, and become too tired to run down the other set, so I slowly walk down it. Before I can even look around, something runs into me and latches itself around my legs. I'm caught off guard, and stumble back in surprise. "Your my new sister!" the little creature named Bandit yells excitedly. I giggle a little bit, then nod, looking down at her large brown eyes,

"I'm your new sister!" She squeals and lets go of my legs, then starts to run around the room, chanting,

"I have a sister! I have a sister!". I chuckle and shake my head at her hyper-ness. I honestly love it, though. I always would help look after the little kids at the orphanage, if I didn't have lessons with Mrs. Noskcaj. (BTW if any of you figure out the name reference, I'll dedicate the next chapter to you) She runs back to me, and I scoop her giggling mass into my arms, saying, 

"If you don't calm down, Ima have to tickle you!"

"NOOOOOOO!" She squeals, and squirms out of my arms. "Daddy! Daddy! Save me from the tickle monster!" She shouts as she hides behind Gee. 

"What tickle monster? I don't see a tickle monster, do you, Ray?" Ray shakes his head, playing along.

"RAAAAAAAAAWR" I run towards her with my arms reaching out in front of me. She squeals again, and runs around me, up the stairs.

"No running on the stairs, B!" She ignores her dad's warning, and I jog up the stair case to make sure she doesn't get hurt. When I make it to the top, I see her standing there, her hands in front of her in defense,

"D'ya wanna see my room? Please no tickles!" she adds hastily. I nod, putting my hands by my sides. She grabs my hand and tugs me down the hallway. We enter a bright yellow room, and she lets go of my hand. 

Quick update, I'm sorry it's so short, but I'll update tomorrow. If you want to know the cause of delay, check out the other fic I started, It's called Randsome. Anyways, are you happy, now, @PhanicS? Oh and check out Dead Beat, it's a really good killjoy fic.

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